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Spending time in the beautiful sunshine of Antigua and Barbuda will be one of the greatest perks of your visit. Why not try your hand at a golf session on the island’s top golf courses? With a view of the Caribbean Sea in the background, of course.

Antigua and Barbuda are simply explained, two gorgeous islands that offer sunshine, glorious clear blue seas, warm white beaches and a whole lot of adventure. From diving to snorkelling and other water activities, time by the shores is definitely recommended – but some time on land can be the perfect solution for a relaxing afternoon; especially if you’re at an Antigua golf club.

Antigua is a suitable golf destination for locals and visitors alike, there are two Antigua golf clubs where you can play golf with views of the Caribbean Sea in the distance: Jolly Harbour and Cedar Valley .

Spending a day on the greens at either of these Antigua golf courses will happily surprise you with their quality and convenience.

Even though golf in Antigua and Barbuda is only limited to 2 golf courses, the excellently equipped Cedar Valley Golf Course and even the super accessible Jolly Harbour Golf Course will provide you with a memorable escape on the greens when you need a break from the sand and waves of the Caribbean Sea.

Why is Antigua and Barbuda great for golf?

Antigua and Barbuda are synonymous with Caribbean sunshine, where white sand beaches and clear blue waters are easily the stars of your trip. The islands are rich in history, culture and celebrations, as well as food, water sports and an abundance of natural beauty, but a golf session at Cedar Valley Golf Club, Antigua or Jolly Harbour Golf Club, Antigua could make for an alternative form of entertainment.

Golf in Antigua; Caribbean perfection where the greens are surrounded by landscapes and seascapes unimaginable on any other golf course. Both Cedar Valley Golf Club and Jolly Harbour Golf Club are located in St John’s where caching 18 holes for reasonable green fees is highly recommended.

Packing your clubs for a Caribbean vacation might seem strange to some; but if you’re looking to play golf under the sunshine of Antigua and Barbuda – you’re in for a treat! Need more information about the golf courses? Contact us at Relocate Antigua for more information on how you can play golf while staring out at the Caribbean Sea.

Check our quick-view table for need-to-know details on the fly, or read on below for a more in-depth overview of all that Antigua’s two best golf courses have to offer.

Jolly Harbour Golf Club
Cedar Valley Golf Club LocationJolly Harbour Beach ResortSt John’sHoles1818SpecsSeven lakes, 5,587 yardsPar 70 course, 6,157 yardsOn-site facilitiesExcellent facilities at the resort itself and easy access to Jolly Harbour marina.The Club House, Bar, Club Café and Restaurant, a Pro-ShopPricing9-hole for US$23.00 18-hole for US$40.25 Club Rental: 9 holes and 18 holes at US$17.25 and US$28.75 respectively.  ·         9-hole for US$25 18-hole for US$49Club rental: US$30 standardCart Rental: US$42 or US$22 for either the 18 holes or 9 holes.

Jolly Harbour Golf Club, Antigua

Jolly Harbour Beach Resort,
Marina and Golf Club,
PO BOX 1793,
St John’s,
Antigua and Barbuda,
West Indies
Phone: +1 2684627771608
Email: golf@jollyharbourantigua.com
Website: www.jollyharbourantigua.com

Jolly Harbour Golf Club is one of the two Antigua golf courses that will give you a reason to escape for a tee session at one of the Caribbean’s leading golf destinations. The course was designed and built by leading architect from Florida; Karl Litton – an expert golf course designer who created a course with 18 holes on the 5,587 yards sculpted into the luscious green hillside of St John’s.

With its seven lakes, long stretch on unlevelled green areas and 18 holes; this course is exciting and challenging. Certified with a 67.8 handicap and 121 slope rating, Jolly Harbour Golf Club, Antigua is nicknamed the ‘Players Paradise’.

This premier Antigua golf course is situated adjacent to the Jolly Harbour Marina where great beaches and entertainment opportunities, such as excellent retail shopping outlets, can be enjoyed. Jolly Harbour Golf Club’s convenient location gives families the holiday flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds – relaxation and entertainment!

Imagine the Eastern breeze in St John’s keeping you cool as you take a swing at one of the best golf courses in Antigua and Barbuda. Let us know if you have any questions on how to make your visit that much more enjoyable; contact us at Relocate Antigua for expert advice for the perfect Antigua golf course session.

Golf Facts for Jolly Harbour Golf Club

Jolly Harbour Golf Club is a challenging, yet rewarding golf course offering 18 holes and a series of hilly ranges that give the course an added level of excitement. The course spans over 5,597 yards, upon the 350 acres of Jolly Harbour Beach Resort and is surrounded by the green hilly landscape of Antigua’s capital, St John’s.

With many course options and club rental available, Jolly Harbour Golf Course can fit any schedule or budget with reasonable green fees for exceptional standards. Choose from two Power Cart options, the 9-hole for US$23.00 or the longer course set at the full 18 holes for US$40.25. Club Rental is also categorized for the 9 holes and 18 holes at US$17.25 and US$28.75 respectively.

Visitors are welcome to the club on a daily basis but it is highly recommended to book in advance before taking on the green for a brisk tee session. At Relocate Antigua we are happy to take care of your bookings to avoid disappointment.

Jolly Harbour golf course

Facilities and special features at Jolly Harbour Golf Course

Probably the best feature at Jolly Harbour Golf Club, Antigua is the course’s setting. The dense green areas and gorgeous lake formations that architect Karl Litten incorporated into the course give the club a Floridian-feel, while keeping the Caribbean paradise feeling alive. The setting is tranquil and challenging, giving you a rewarding and peaceful experience of golf in Antigua.

Another great facility feature is the rental of golf clubs and golf carts that can be used in an 18-hole session for under US$100. The 18 hole and 9 hole option also makes it a great location for golfers of any skill level. If you plan on hitting the golf course more than once, memberships can be purchased on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

The pro-shop on location is a great spot to gear up with the right equipment or a souvenir of the unforgettable memories discovered on Jolly Harbour Golf Club in Antigua and Barbuda. You might even consider a trip to the Jolly Harbour Marina & Golf Resort, Antigua situated a short walk from the course or even a beach break in the Jolly Harbour Marina area.

Antigua accommodation close to Jolly Harbour Golf Club

The Jolly Harbour Marina area is packed with exciting things to see and do, and choosing accommodation in this area of St John’s is a great option. Contact Relocate Antigua for guidance on the best accommodation options available to meet your specific needs.

There are a number of prime holiday homes or hotels in the area and some of the best are located a short walk away from your dream Antigua golf session. Here are three options;

Villa 226E at Jolly Harbour is an adults only villa that is situated a 19 minute walk away from Jolly Beach, and a short drive from other excellent hotspots like Valley Church Beach, Darkwood Beach and even Hermitage Bay. The premier Jolly Harbour Golf Club is also a quick 4 minute drive or peaceful 15 minute walk from your front door.

Harbour Island Residences are located in Jolly Harbour, where the Antigua Botanical Gardens and Springhill Riding Club can provide a great adventure in your neighbourhood. With Dickenson Bay Beach not too far away; you could find yourself exploring the marine sea life on snorkelling trips before lunch. Only interrupted to play golf at the nearby Jolly Harbour Golf Club for the rest of the afternoon.

COCOS Hotel Antigua, the Valley Church, all-inclusive, couples only hotel is located right on the beach. The 4 minute drive to Jolly Harbour Golf Club is met with authentic Antiguan characteristics that help to enrich the experience. The excellent Antiguan and cosmopolitan food options offer that added spot of luxury while the pristine waters surrounding the resort are soothing and simply gorgeous. The hotel features a spa where pampered guests enjoy their escape to Caribbean time.

Cedar Valley Golf Club, Antigua

Cedar Valley Golf Club,
Cedar Valley Road
PO BOX 198,
St John’s,
Antigua and Barbuda,
West Indies
Phone:+1 268-462-0161
Email: info@cvgolfantigua.com

Cedar Valley Golf Club is generally thought of as the better of the two Antigua golf courses. The Cedar Valley Golf Course is situated on Friary’s Hill making for an exciting and rewarding golf experience in the Caribbean. Vacationing in Antigua is always paired with sunshine and a trip on the Cedar Valley greens will definitely not fall short on that!

The course was designed and built by Richard Aldridge who created 18 holes of golfing paradise. Cedar Valley is Antigua and Barbuda’s only championship course where experienced players can fulfil their Caribbean golfing fantasies.

Set on 6,157 yards; this golf course features a driving range and putting green area for additional golfing opportunities. As you make your way along the course, you will notice the beautiful Caribbean Sea in the near distance with the sweeping green hills as a pleasant backdrop. Cedar Valley Golf Club is located not far from the cruise ship ports in St John’s itself and offers a great balance in activities for those visiting Antigua and Barbuda.

This par 70 course with breath-taking vistas can be enjoyed by both beginner and expert golfers. It features a dynamic layout and easy flow through the course for a zero-stress vacation. Soak up Caribbean living while you play golf under the sun’s rays.

For those travelling with non-golfers; there are many on-site facilities available, such as the cosy clubhouse where local cocktails can be ordered or the excellent restaurants in Cedar Valley for a delicious bite to eat. Whether you’re looking for suggestions on Cedar Valley Golf Club or on what to do when you’re not golfing; contact Relocate Antigua for expert advice about entertainment in Antigua and Barbuda.

cedar valley golf course

Golf Facts at Cedar Valley Golf Club

Cedar Valley is set on high ground therefore the panoramic views on site are quite impressive. Originally laid out as a 9-holer in 1970, this course was extended to a championship course with 18 holes seven years later.

Offering three slope variations and lengths, this course runs on three tee choices; Blue Tees with a 124 slope and 6,157-yard length, a White Tee where a 122 slope and 5,884 yard can be attempted or even a calmed Red Tee of 120 slope and 5,528 yards. Cedar Valley also offers advanced individual tee times and a minimum 6 club bag per player.

The Cedar Valley Golf Course, Antigua green fees are reasonable, with US$49 for 18 holes and US$25 for a 9-hole session. Visitors are welcome to the club every day but booking is essential. Cart Rental at Cedar Valley is US$42 or US$22 for either the 18 holes or 9 holes while club rental is at a standard of US$30.

Contact Relocate Antigua for any booking and reservations at Cedar Valley Golf Club, we’ll sort out all the details so all you need to do is focus on your golf lessons in St John’s, Antigua.

Facilities and special features at Cedar Valley Golf Course

While the entire experience at Cedar Valley is a memorable and pleasant experience, the most magical moment can be enjoyed once you reach the 5th hole on the course – this is where you will be stunned by the clear blue vision of the Caribbean Sea in the distance. With its short distance away from the capital of St John’s, and great accessibility to the course, golf in Antigua and Barbuda can easily feature as a highlight of your Caribbean experience.

Set in the tropical surroundings where mature trees and stunning views captivate your golf session, Cedar Valley is a great spot to work on your swing and even an excellent location for some friendly competitions with the travelling golfers of the day.

The Club House, Bar and Restaurant as well as the Pro-Shop on site serve as great relaxation spots in-between tee time sessions. Excellent food and drinks with panoramic views to make the perfect setting are the bare minimum at the Club’s Café.

Antigua accommodation close to Jolly Harbour Golf Club

Finding the perfect place to call home on your Caribbean golfing adventure is important! If you’re travelling with golfing buddies, it’s easy to say that you’ll be looking for accommodation as close to the Club as possible; but if you’re vacationing with a non-golfing family you’ll want to make sure they’re entertained while you take on the 18 holes.

The great news is that since Cedar Valley Golf Club is situated in the capital city of Antigua; St John’s, you’ll be able to suit every traveller on this trip. St John’s is a hub for entertainment, and not only the golfing kind, the many snorkelling, diving and water sports destinations around the area as well as excellent restaurants, cultural sites and stunning nature spots will keep you entertained off the golf course too.

Relocate Antigua are experts in personal relocation services as well as business relocation services; therefore our knowledge on St John’s top resorts is constantly up-to-date and guaranteed to meet your needs and standards.

Some of the recommended resorts found closest to Cedar Valley Golf Club include Sandals and Buccaneer Beach Club found on Dickenson Bay as well as the Blue Waters Hotel found a short distance away from the golf course, at the top of the hill.

Beachfront golfing with five-star facilities in Antigua

Experiencing the full range of activities while visiting Antigua and Barbuda is a great way to make the most of your trip to the Caribbean. With great opportunities to hit the sites in St John’s, visit the beaches and even play golf on both of the Antigua golf courses, your trip will be packed with fun activities and relaxing moments spent with the captivating Caribbean Sea around every corner.

Visit Jolly Harbour Golf Club, Antigua or Cedar Valley Golf Club, Antigua to get the full experience.

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