Any “American” Chinese Restaurant in Taipei?

He wouldn’t want it if it was bad, would he? When it’s good it’s good. Different style, I like to get some when I go back, but don’t exactly have a huge craving for it.

There’s been a few threads on the topic:

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Opening soon: “American-style Chinese Restaurant” Will you eat there?
This restaurant opening in May near Taipei Main Station will serve traditional American-style Chinese food. Similar to the places located inside grocery stores in the US.
Among other westernized-Chinese dishes, it will proudly serve General Tso’s chicken, orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, chicken/pork fried rice, cow mien, egg rolls, and of course fortune cookies (nothing is more authentically Chinese than a fortu…

American-style Chinese Restaurants

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I’d love to see an “American-style Chinese Restaurant” open up here and so how that goes over … they sure as hell have enough crappy Taiwanese-style American restaurants, maybe it would be a good lesson for them, hehe. laughing