Anyone have a list of decent, playable Par 3 courses?

Thx for the ton of replies. I wrote these all down and played the Tom Sawyer one not mentioned and never redid my Templar’s Rubicon from TGC2. I did play the Lake Mead Quick 18 in Society play and aesthetically, the course is awesome. What disappointed me was the lack of regular Par 3 holes. Any numnut can chip, flop or pitch off the tee, so of course -13 or better per round. I just need more challenge and a long 18 with some 249 yd holes or over water, ravines, bkrs would be fun let alone unpredictable elevation changes. Nonetheless, Lake Mead was designed with exceptional rock work and overall layout. I still enjoyed it but hope they do another 18 but with normal, real-life and challenging Par 3’s. Thx to all who chimed in.