AP/IB Classes

See the current guides on which AP or IB test scores qualify for BYU credit here.

BYU encourages students to enroll in AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) classes where available. Following are a few of the major benefits of taking these college prep courses:

  • Because AP and IB courses are measured by a universal standard, students who take these courses will receive extra consideration in the BYU admission process.
  • Depending on the number and type of courses taken, students can receive university credit before even graduating from high school.
  • Students who take AP or IB courses are usually more prepared for the rigors of college coursework, as well as the ACT/SAT, because of the study skills, discipline, and knowledge gained while taking such courses.
  • Students who take AP and IB courses gain support from motivated peers and mentors.

Is AP/IB right for me?

The decision to take AP or IB courses should be considered carefully by the student, parents, and a school counselor. Students and parents may wish to talk to an AP/IB teacher or coordinator to learn more about the difficulties of a particular course. They will want to be sure to consider the workload and the preparation required for the course. We recommend not taking an AP/IB course unless students can maintain at least a B+ average.

Sending AP Scores to BYU

If BYU has not received your AP scores and you wish to receive credit for them, you must do one of the following:

  • Contact AP Scores and Reporting Services
  • If your high school has included your AP scores on your transcript, request that they mail us a transcript.

Sending IB Scores to BYU

Official IB high school transcripts or a transcript directly from the IB office will be accepted. If you would like to request your IB transcript, please request it from their website.