APPLICATIONS – Information Technology Services | Binghamton University

myCourses – The Course Management System used by instructors to generate information, communicate
with students, record grades, and implement many other tools that can be beneficial
to a successful online learning environment. Using myCourses, instructors develop
web pages to publish instructional materials, group activities, tests, and quizzes,
as well as a managed grade book. (Note – myCourses/Blackboard will be going away for
Fall 2021.)

Brightspace  –  Binghamton University is transitioning from myCourses (Blackboard) to a new Learning
Management System (LMS), Brightspace by Desire2Learn (D2L). This decision was made
in collaboration with faculty and students over a two-year period.  Brightspace will
be replacing myCourses for Fall 2021
Google Apps (BMail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Groups, etc.) – Binghamton University
has partnered with Google to provide our students, faculty and staff tools to enhance
communication and collaboration.

Turnitin – Binghamton University has a site license for Turnitin, one of the leading online
anti-plagiarism programs. The integration of Turnitin with the myCourses course management
system allows instructors to check papers for originality using Turnitin's plagiarism
prevention system without ever leaving the myCourses environment. Contact the Help
Desk for any information.

Gradescope – Binghamton University now has a Gradescope license. In these unique times, instructors
use Gradescope for remote delivery of their assignments and exams. Sudent info. | Faculty info. 

Qualtrics – The Qualtrics Survey Service allows the campus community to easily create surveys,
collect and store data, and produce reports.

SensusAccess – Alternate media made easy!
Follow the four easy steps to have your document converted into an alternative, accessible
format. The result is delivered in your email inbox. You may upload one or more files,
enter a URL to a file or simply type in the text you wish to have converted. The form
expands as you make your selections. Supported file types are .DOC, .DOCX, .PDF, .PPT,
.BMP, .PNG, .PCX, .DCX, .J2K, .JP2, .JPX, .DJV and .ASC

myBinghamton – The University Portal

Binghamton University Mobile App – bMobi
Binghamton University offers users a free app (bMobi) for easy access to campus news
and events. The bMobi app gives you access to Binghamton University information you
want on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) via iTunes or Android device via Google Play.

With bMobi you can find people, locate buses, check the laundry availability, check
course schedule, locate classes, find your way around campus, see the Daily Photo
and other useful features.

To install bMobi and for more information about this app go to