APUS: A New Luxury Peruvian Party Snack

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Shaman Lab Foods launches APUS, a 100% Peruvian piqueo specifically designed to pair with your favorite alcoholic beverages. Here’s why you should try it!

“COVID-19 has accelerated changes around how the public shops, eats and gathers to eat and drink. Among changes is a preference for healthy foods with low fat and sodium saturation,” says Dennis Uribe Madrid, CEO of Shaman Lab Foods. That’s why APUS was born.

What is it?

A luxury snack based on kiwicha and quinoa that is already revolutionizing Peruvian bars.

These changes in consumer habits have accelerated creativity and innovation in the food industry such as the development of products with functional ingredients, artisanal and healthier innovations. Trends that have taken advantage of new local ventures such as APUS, created exclusively to eat as a bar or party snack.

Dennis Uribe Madrid, CEO of Shaman Lab Foods
Quinoa Bacon

“APUS is a baked snack with great flavor and high satiety, which allows our social ritual not to be interrupted. Because, let’s be honest, drinking makes us hungry and we need a quality snack that we do not dislike! And if it is healthy, all the better,” says Dennis.

What are the flavor options with APUS?

“APUS snacks come in unique trapezoidal boxes (reminiscent of kero and Inca shapes) in two varieties, Kiwicha Spicy and Quinoa Bacon, made with local ingredients. One has an intense spicy flavor; the other, a delicious smoked flavor, ideal flavors to enhance the pairing experience with your favorite drink, preferably beers, distillates, and macerated liquors,” says the CEO.

Picante and Quinoa Bacon
Dennis Uribe Madrid, CEO of Shaman Lab Foods

“Today we are in more than 50 shops and bars around Peru, including Red Cervecera, Bar Cañas, and Sierra Andina, with more places to come in Lima and Cusco. Distribution in North American and European market will be next”, shares Uribe, CEO of Shaman Lab Foods.

Who is this snack designed for?

89.2% of adults in Peru socially consume an alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately, most bar snacks are fried foods with a high level of saturated fat and sodium.

From this group, the men and women are between 25 to 45 years old, individuals who increasingly care about consuming healthy products: APUS is just right for them!

All photos and text provided by Paola Suarez Rey.

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