Located in Jacksonville FL in the Brooklyn area, Arepa Please is more than a restaurant. It is a place that combines different cultures with a South American touch


Arepa Please is the result of the fusion of ancient and modern, a mix that brings together North and South America.  Here at Arepa Please, the traditional flavors of the Amazon heart and home made Venezuelan cuisine are merged with Johnnys Delis & Grill background and experience in the New York style culinary art. 

Every dish that comes out of our open kitchen is the result of hard work, passion, and the desire to deliver the best of South American flavors through signature dishes like the Arepa. 

You will savor the best of the local flavors,  and the best coffee in town, powered by Bold Bean Coffee Roaster.

We look forward to have a great time with the people of Jacksonville and naturally we expect you to ask for an AREPA PLEASE.