Arlington Eats: Nanglo Restaurant and Bar Fuses Authentic Nepalese and Indian Cuisines

Arlington Eats: Nanglo Restaurant and Bar Fuses Authentic Nepalese and Indian Cuisines

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Restaurant options continue to grow in the Viridian Community in North Arlington. In the latest episode of Arlington Eats, host Jeremy Thomas visits Nanglo Restaurant and Bar, where your palate can experience a fusion of two authentic cuisines from around the world.

“Nanglo Restaurant is a combination of Nepalese and Indian cuisines,” manager and co-owner Rabin Shrestha said. “The food is authentic, basically what you find in Nepal and India and made from scratch.

The restaurant started in 2019 north of Arlington, but with so many coming from The American Dream City, in 2021, the owners decided to open a second location near the Viridian community.

“Couple items on the menu that are truly authentic and street food like Chicken Momo’s,” Shrestha said. “Those are dumplings that you can find pretty much in every corner of the country in Nepal. Chicken Curry that represents the countries’ spices and aroma.”

Chef Shibjee Bista says their Chicken Tikka Masala is also a customer favorite. It’s a boneless Tandoori chicken breast simmered in a spiced tomato-cream sauce. 

“I wanted to try it here in Arlington,” Bista said. “I always make my food from our homemade spices. We are not using rudiment spices, and I think people like that kind of food much better.”

With a bar, outdoor seating and soon live musical performances, the owners say they are grateful for the community’s support right here in The American Dream City. 

“There was definitely a time where we were worried a little bit as well because of COVID,” Shrestha said. “We had to shut down for 4-5 months. We could only depend on our takeout’s. But then again, we thought, after a storm there’s always sunshine. We had our regular patrons telling us ‘you should stick through it and be there for us.’ The community in the Arlington area and the Viridian community itself are a huge support for us right now. 

Owners say they are set to open a third location in DFW February 2022.

Nanglo Restaurant and Bar in Arlington is located at 3980 N. Collins St. Ste. 150. You can view operating hours and learn more about Nanglo’s on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Food from Nanglo Restaurant and Bar in Arlington

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