Artisan Bakery | Mediterra Bakehouse


we believe in tradition.

we don’t compromise on quality.

We never take shortcuts.

simply put, we have a passion to make great bread.


At Mediterra, we bake artisan breads using traditional French methods. Instead of commercial yeast, our breads rely solely on natural sourdough starters called levain, which allow them to achieve their rise, distinct sourdough tang and nourishing nutritional value. Each of our loaves is slowly fermented, proofed in willow baskets or tucked into French linen, and then cut, weighed and shaped by hand. Finally, each loaf is loaded into one of our hearth ovens, built onsite by a seventh-generation French company. With more than 30,000 pounds of firebrick and a baking surface comprised of volcanic rock from the Alps, these ovens help to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the bread.  

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