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At the Artisan Bread Camp, we seek to equip bakers of all experience levels with the tools that they need in order to create delicious artisan breads. We will focus on mastering the fundamentals, as well as discussing advanced techniques as we practice making artisan breads. With our own locally milled organic flours and wood ovens we cover all of the topics of making breads in an artisan way. At the Artisan Bread Camp we recognize that people will have different interest levels and equipment so we also cover how to get great results in the modern home as well. Classes are taught by our world renowned Artisan Bread Class coaches, Tom Edwards and Lori Himmelsbach. They will lead you through numerous recipes and techniques. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you become a baker to your desired level, be it someone who bakes for their family and neighborhood or building a business around farmers markets and community supported bread shares.