ArtSnacks Reviews: Everything You Need To Know


ArtSnacks was a little green and monochromatic this month, but I really enjoyed this. I really love green and especially silvery and minty greens, so it felt like this assortment was made just for me. I have enjoyed using the grey pens as well for general sketching or more serious line work. The only thing I didn’t love this month was the calligraphy pen, but that is just a personal preference rather than an insight into the quality of the item itself. I know all of you talented hand-letterers out there will make much better use of it. It has been a weird month for me filled with some personal loss and just that nagging feeling of there never being enough time. It felt good to open this box and force myself to sit down and just use the tools inside. As someone who really can’t sit still long enough to meditate or even think sometimes, art supplies have always been a source of calm to me, and this month delivered.