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Blue Water Sailing School Courses

Blue Water students study together around a table

Blue Water Sailing School follows internationally accepted standards of the American Sailing Association (ASA). We offer basic, intermediate and advanced courses in sailing and navigation. Our week-long, live-aboard cruising course format provides the most immersive environment possible and a more thorough experience than being on the boat just a few hours a day. Sure, we have textbooks and required reading, but that’s to prepare you for “hands on” instruction and practice.

We not only teach sailing techniques, we prepare you for a sailor’s way of life.

Courses for All Experience Levels

All of our courses are summarized below. You can check availability and dates, inquire about a particular class, or even apply online by clicking the Enroll Now button. For full details about the ASA curriculum, see the ASA Course Summaries. Information about class times, procedures, policies, and equipment can be found in our FAQ and Travel Planning sections.


Your next step will be to sail around the world on your own boat…