ASL Food Court: Interactive Restaurant Activity

Your students will have a blast with this interactive restaurant activity. Aligned with Signing Naturally Unit 9, students create a restaurant using a planning guide. They must describe the tables, chairs, walls, lighting, food, price, what makes it unique, and other key features. Students will prepare a sample of their food for the students. On Food Court day the students will use a customer questionnaire worksheet to ask questions about the restaurants in ASL and document their answers. In the end they choose their favorite and make a reservation for their restaurant. The students will have fun interacting with their friends in ASL in this non-threatening yet challenging voice-off activity.

Product is a PDF file which includes the following:

  • Student directions
  • 2 page Restaurant Planning Worksheet
  • 2 page Customer Questionnaire Worksheet
  • Reservation Sheet

This activity takes about a week. I plan 2-3 days to prepare the restaurant with their partner and create a poster for their restaurant logo/picture. The students will also gloss and learn to sign everything about their restaurant. Food Court day is done over 2 days (students run their restaurant one day and are a customer the other.)

The follow-up activity is an expressive assignment where they sign about their restaurant: Describe a Restaurant: ASL 2 Expressive Assignment & Rubric (SN Unit 9)

Want to see how our assignments work together in our ASL classroom? Check out ASL 2 Curriculum Framework for High School: Signing Naturally Units 7-12.

Now available in ASL 2 Signing Naturally MEGA BUNDLE (growing bundle)