ASSET Restaurant – CRAFT | Engineering Studio

ASSET Restaurant 


New York, NY 

ASSET is a commercial renovation project in which a retail space was converted into a restaurant within a multi-use building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This modern space was given an industrial feel by the addition of exposed steel elements. CRAFT supported the design of this space with a modified mezzanine structure and a signature staircase. The U-shaped double-steel staircase separates the restaurant’s two levels and features a curved mesh guardrail and balustrade that are suspended from horizontally oriented steel wide-flange girders which support a vaulted metal ceiling. Each staircase tread cantilevers out of a pair of central steel stringers.  

CRAFT was also responsible for the construction of the two-story minimalist glass storefront and lightweight vestibule in the building façade, functioning as an elegant public visage to this vibrant addition on the Upper West Side.  

(Image Credit: Bates Masi + Architects)   

Architect: Bates Masi + Architects