Asset Tracking for Restaurant and Hospitality Industries

BLD Brands, LLC of Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants, (Restaurant / Food Service / Hospitality) considers any item that helps our restaurants generate revenue an asset.

Our company, BLD Brands, LLC, is in the restaurant, food service and hospitality industry. In our business, any item that helps our restaurants generate revenue is considered an asset … and in the restaurant/ hospitality industry, there are a lot of assets to keep track of. We realized that we needed an immediate solution to better track our valuable assets, and Asset Panda provided us a base platform to get started, and in less than two weeks.

We looked to Asset Panda to help us develop a program that could identify, tag, track and maintain an inventory of high value items among our restaurants – specifically for pieces like vintage metal signs, antiques, art, fixtures and woodwork décor inside our restaurants. It was very important that Asset Panda could record the location and value of each individual asset for security and insurance purposes. It was also our hope that by implementing Asset Panda, it would aid in curbing losses from internal and external theft of these assets.

Learning how to use the software was easy to grasp and incorporate into our daily activities after a thorough training on the system. The mobile apps for both Android and Apple were used to populate inventories at several different restaurants, and the ability to customize the dashboard and add/delete fields specifically for our business needs were especially useful. The customer service we received from Asset Panda went above our expectations. From our account manager to the trainer and additional support staff, they all assisted us as needed in a quick time frame and got us up and running without issue.

While many features of Asset Panda have been useful for asset tagging and tracking, having the ability to create an asset tag, take a photo of the asset and fill the data fields with one or two screens on the mobile app has proven to be very efficient for those using the software. Our team is making use of the mobile app for tagging assets in the field, and we also are making valuable use of the online app for corrections and/or updates on our assets as needed and other admin work as warranted.

After using Asset Panda for only 2 months, I am pleased to say that we have seen an immediate result of its impact on our bottom line. Our restaurants have reported no asset losses since tagging began.

If you are looking for an efficient and robust asset tagging solution, which is also cost effective and demonstrably easy to use, Asset Panda is the program for you. Asset Panda provides its users with a wide choice of tags and designs that work the way that you do. The only limits on the program are the ones you do not explore.

–Michael Loox, Director of Loss Prevention