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The responsibility that comes with renting an apartment or house goes beyond just making sure you pay the rent every month. You’re responsible for keeping insurance on your own personal belongings.

Standard renters insurance policies offer protection when an accident causes damage to you and your belongings or someone else and their personal belongings.

Renters insurance covers your personal items, including laptops, televisions, or other valuables that would be expensive to replace if they were damaged or stolen. Your landlord is responsible for taking care of the structure of the rental property and any appliances they furnished, such as refrigerators or washing machines. However, they’re not responsible for your belongings, even if they’re damaged due to a burst pipe or other issue with the rental property. Purchasing renters insurance is the best way to protect yourself from this risk, and Assurant is among the reputable insurance providers that offers renters insurance.

Assurant renters insurance provides standard coverage as well as coverage for mold, pet damage and rent protection. Their renters insurance policy is a named peril, meaning that you can only file an insurance claim for certain events such as: fire, lightning, smoke, explosion, theft, storm, vandalism, ice, snow, etc. If one of these events happens, the policy will provide personal property, loss of use, liability coverage and medical payments to others.

Renters insurance is typically very affordable when compared to car and homeowners insurance, costing an average of less than $200 a year. One Clearsurance user said this about their experience with Assurant renters insurance, “I recently moved into my first apartment and I needed to get renters insurance. I’m so glad I chose Assurant. It’s affordable and was easy to sign up for. I get monthly statements electronically but they also have an option to receive paper statements. I have updated my policy twice to add my pet and my roommate and the process was a breeze. I haven’t had any issues with them at all and I would recommend this company to anyone.”

It is important to know as much as you can about your renter’s insurance company before taking out a policy with them. Talking to a local, experienced insurance agent can help answer any questions you may have. Some questions to consider asking include, “What is the average cost for your renter’s insurance coverage?” “Does my policy cover things such as water damage and bodily injury?” and “What are my coverage options and my coverage limit?”

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Can I learn more about Assurant renters insurance?

Assurant renters insurance comes with personal property coverage, which protects your belongings, and personal liability coverage, which protects you if a guest in your apartment is injured. It also has options to purchase an insurance rider if you wanted to insure a particularly expensive item that exceeds the regular personal property coverage. Assurant renters insurance also offers extra protection with pet damage protection, identity fraud expense insurance, and involuntary unemployment insurance, which will pay a portion of your rent if you involuntarily lose your job.

Assurant renters insurance coverage extends beyond just your home, too. One Clearsurance user said this about having Assurant renters insurance when they had belongings stolen from their car, “My car got broken into at my boyfriend’s apartment, not even my own. Two bags were stolen from my car, a travel bag and my backpack (!!). I filed a police report first thing in the morning and waiting for the police was the longest part! I called Assurant about my claim that day and they were extremely helpful directing me through the steps of what would happen as soon as I had a police report, and what I needed to do to get my things back! Assurant helped me replace all the items that were stolen from me, down to the individual makeups in my bags. Everything was quick and efficient during the whole process. I was given a debit card with money on it to spend and it was easily spent online or in store. I was extremely satisfied with my experience with my rental insurance company Assurant.”

What do Clearsurance users say about Assurant renters insurance?

As of July 2019, Assurant renters insurance has a Clearsurance score of 3.80. (For the most up-to-date rankings, visit our renters insurance rankings).

When reviewing their Assurant renters insurance experience, 44 % of Clearsurance users talked about their amount coverage, higher than any other reviewed renters insurance company as of publication. Over 29 % of customers talked about the ease of the process when making a claim. Additionally, more than 20 % talked about a claim experience, with 0 % mentioning a claim dispute. This suggests the Assurant claim process is easy and efficient, leaving consumers satisfied and happy with the coverage they receive.

What about Assurant renters insurance for college students?

Having renters insurance in college is important and the benefits of it are sometimes overlooked by both students and their parents. No matter if you’re living on (or off campus), the university or your landlord isn’t responsible for any damaged or stolen personal property and replacement costs can be devastating to the average student living on a tight budget. Renters insurance policies can protect students from being responsible for the loss or destruction of items they need for their college careers, such as textbooks or a laptop.

How can Assurant renters insurance help you?

Life is unpredictable, and Assurant renters insurance provides you with peace of mind that you’re protected from the unknown. Clearsurance reviews have talked about how Assurant renters insurance has helped them back on their feet after insurance claims. They have also discussed the great customer service they experienced, such as in the following quote. One reviewer said, “I must say I am impressed with this company’s due diligence. They worked hard on my claim even though I just obtained the insurance and I would forever be grateful. I would recommend Assurant to any one who wants a company that works hard for their clients. Thanks again.”

Having an Assurant renters insurance policy or even another company on your side is a small price to pay in case of a disaster. Learn more about why people choose Assurant for their renters insurance by reading reviews, and write a review if you’ve had an experience you want to share with the Clearsurance community.

It is important to know all that you can before taking out a renters insurance policy. Learn about the insurance company and the protection that their policies offer before making a final decision. Know and understand your policy limits and ask about what additional coverages you can add to your protection.

While we all want the most affordable renters’ insurance, it is important not to sacrifice the quality of your protection just to save some money. Talk to a local insurance agent about what insurance company is right for you, and what coverages they offer.

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