Attention, KAI holders: 100,000 BAMI tokens to claim!

Attention, KAI holders: 100,000 BAMI tokens to claim!

Following the listing of BAMI on our partner NAMI Exchange, KardiaChain collaborates with BAMI to create an airdrop event for Bami token for KAI holders to join in a Vietnamese-based virtual financial hub for future benefits.

BAMI token is the governance cryptocurrency of BAMI’s ecosystem. BAMI aims to simplify the world of DeFi by integrating all DeFi interchain solutions on one platform. The compilation of features includes Bami Dashboard, Bami Exchange, Bami Lend, Bami Portfolio, Bami Pay, and especially the game-changing Bami NFT. All together, they form a financial city where “citizens” can borrow, swap, and invest from fiat to crypto easily in a non-custodial manner. BAMI is endorsed by the game show personality Tran Anh Huy and the rapper Dat G — two of the most influential celebrities in young Vietnamese pop culture.


BAMI is the embodiment of Vietnamese traditional culture as “banh mi” is the signature dish of Vietnamese culinary. BAMI is built up by a Vietnamese team, Therefore KardiaChain is their top-of-mind blockchain infrastructure to issue their token as KRC20 on KardiaChain Network due to low fees and fast transaction settlement advantages. BAMI’s all-in-one nature is necessary to help the mass population get familiar with the blockchain landscape and expand the influence of our Viet DeFi Movement.

Instruction to participate:

  1. Send 1 KAI to our provided wallet to register the wallet to participate.

Wallet address: 0x461321E8Ded04839AC7B852BC256fd994114c437

  1. Stake KAI to validators using the wallet above. Please notice to have a minimum of 1000 KAI in your wallet for at least 7 days (holding and staking included)
  2. The number of participants will be snapshot at 7 P.M GMT+7 24 April 2021.
  3. An amount of up to 100,000 BAMI tokens are available for all participants to claim.


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