⇒ Auberge du Pont de Collonges [Paul Bocuse] Gourmet Restaurant Lyon

A family restaurant since 1924

Georges, Paul Bocuse’s father, began his apprenticeship at the tender age of 12. He worked in Lyon, Versailles, Monte Carlo and Evian before returning to Lyon in 1925. Unable to take over the family business that had previously been sold, he took the helm of L’Hôtel du Pont just a few hundred metres away which belonged to his wife’s parents. In 1937, he even became the owner.

In 1954, Paul Bocuse joined his father in the kitchen after completing his initial training and took over the business in 1957, earning his first Michelin star in 1958. His restaurant was awarded a second Michelin star in 1962 and a third in 1965 (which it retained until 2020). It was then, in 1965, that he changed the name to “L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges – Restaurant Paul Bocuse”.

The vivacious and festive façade immediately catches visitors’ eyes with its omnipresent raspberry and pistachio colours, as well as the gastronomy-inspired motifs, including a pièce montée, a serving platter with a dome cover, strutting roosters and typically an image of Paul Bocuse himself leaning against the railing at one of the windows, a big smile plastered on his face in anticipation of receiving his guests. A mural in the courtyard pays tribute to the chefs who have made a lasting impression on their era, including Antonin Carême, Alain Chapel, André Pic and Raymond Oliver.