Auto Club Group (AAA) Michigan Auto Insurance Review

Pros Explained

  • Multiple discount opportunities: Auto Club Michigan offers 16 discounts, including paperless, new young driver, anti-theft device, and an AAA safety inspection discount. 
  • Claim forgiveness benefits: Depending on your plan, you’ll receive forgiveness benefits, ensuring your policy premiums remain the same after an accident claim under a predetermined amount.
  • Gap coverage available: Drivers can purchase gap coverage for the amount owed on an auto loan, providing coverage if the claim exceeds the vehicle’s actual cash value in the event of a total loss.

Cons Explained

  • Membership required: Drivers need to be an Auto Club Group member to purchase an auto insurance policy. The amount ranges from $54 to $120 per year. 
  • Discounts may differ by state: Different states may offer better or other types of discounts. 
  • May not need included benefits: Many of Auto Club Group’s benefits may already be included by your other accounts, such as credit cards and other existing insurance policies. In this case, your AAA membership may not be that useful. 


Auto Club Group Michigan is one of many AAA branches operating nationwide, offering different products and services, including auto insurance. Its coverage includes options you’d find elsewhere, such as collision and comprehensive, plus other unique coverages such as rideshare, gap, and enhanced total loss replacement.

Auto Club Group Michigan also offers many discounts on premiums, including ones for young drivers and students. There are three tiers of AAA membership to choose from (all will allow you to purchase an auto insurance policy), each with varying perks such as roadside assistance, free identity theft monitoring, hotel discounts, and more. 

Company Overview

Auto Club Group is one of the largest AAA branches in the U.S. Founded in 1902, AAA aims to advocate for driver and passenger rights, safer vehicles, and fair laws. The organization has since grown to offer different insurance products and currently has more than 61 million members across 32 individual clubs across the U.S. and Canada.

Types of Coverage

Auto Club Group Michigan offers various plan benefits and coverage options, including: 


Auto Club Michigan will pay for qualifying repairs above your deductible if you get into a car accident and need repairs. If the vehicle is declared a total loss, it’ll also pay for a replacement. 


Policyholders who are found legally responsible for causing injury to someone else or their property will have their liability insurance kick in and pay for medical bills or repairs. This coverage will also provide coverage for legal bills if another party files a lawsuit against you based on a vehicle accident causing bodily harm or property damage. 


Comprehensive coverage covers your insured vehicles against perils such as fire, vandalism, theft, or extreme weather, but not if you’re hit by another vehicle. 

Rental Car 

For vehicles that need repairs, AAA Michigan will provide a rental car—daily allowances depend on your individual policy—to ensure you’ll be able to commute or go about your daily life. You may be able to select different coverage limits and timeframes.

Uninsured and Uninsured Motor Vehicle

AAA provides coverage for car repairs, medical expenses, and even lost wages if you were in an accident with another driver who is at fault but is uninsured or underinsured.

Medical Payments

Medical expense coverage pays for medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident, no matter who is at fault. 


AAA Michigan’s rideshare coverage—the insurer refers to it as Transportation Network Company (TNC) coverage—provides coverage if you use your personal vehicle to drive for ridesharing companies. If you opt for this coverage, you’ll be able to fill in gaps in coverage your ridesharing company won’t provide.


AAA Michigan has many opportunities to receive a reduction in your auto insurance premiums, including:

Payment Discounts

  • AAA Member Discount: You’ll receive a discount based on how many years you’ve been an AAA member. 
  • Multiple-Product Discount: Policyholders who bundle an eligible condo, home, renters, or life insurance policy will receive a rate reduction. 
  • Pay-in-Full Discount: You’ll get a discount if you pay in full within seven days of your policy being active.  
  • Paperless Discount: Drivers under the essential plan are required to receive electronic documents, but other tiers do so as well to receive a discount. 
  • Automatic Payment Deduction Discount: Signing up for autopay will get you an additional discount.
  • Advance Purchase Discount: Purchase a policy a few days before the effective coverage date and receive a rate discount. 

Driving Habits and History

  • Good Student Discount: Students who maintain at least a 3.0-grade point average can get a discount. 
  • New Young Driver Discount: Drivers under 20 who are considered additional drivers on your policy qualify for a reduction in premiums. 
  • Student Away Discount: If your student is away at school and isn’t using a vehicle, you’ll be able to receive a reduced rate.
  • AAADrive™ Discount: Get a discount by downloading the AAADrive app and tracking your driving habits.

Vehicle Equipment

  • AAA Safety Inspection Discount: Qualifying cars that pass a AAA Safety Inspection may receive a rate reduction 
  • Vehicle Safety Discount: Rate reductions may be available for cars with qualifying factory-installed safety devices.
  • Multiple Car Discount: Those who purchase policies for more than one vehicle will receive a premium discount.
  • Anti-Theft Discount: Vehicles with anti-theft devices may qualify for a discount. 


  • Education/Occupation Discount: Rate reductions will vary based on your education level or occupation. 
  • Prior Insurance Tenure: AAA Michigan will offer you a discount if you had no lapse in coverage when you were with your previous insurance company.

Payment Options

AAA members and those with car insurance policies can make payments via credit or debit card, bill pay, or by mailing a check. Policyholders can set up automatic payments. 

Loss Ratio

When shopping for insurance carriers, an important factor to look at is their loss ratio. This ratio, expressed as a percentage, compares the costs it paid for claims with premiums costs. The higher the ratio, the greater the potential to incur losses; hence the insurer may not have a strong financial performance. 

AAA Club Michigan’s loss ratio is 83.21%, one of the highest we’ve seen. This means the insurer has paid out slightly more in claims than it’s received in insurance premiums. 

Other Features

Auto Club Group Michigan offers other additional coverage, including: 

  • Enhanced Total Loss Replacement: Policyholders will have their vehicle declared a total loss for a vehicle with a model one to two years newer.
  • Extended Exterior Repair Option (OEM): Those who pay for this coverage will receive the manufacturer’s original exterior parts instead of aftermarket parts during vehicle repairs.
  •  Broadened Other Car: You can extend your bodily injury and property damage liability coverage to a vehicle that policyholders don’t own. It’ll provide coverage where the basic policy wouldn’t.  
  • Loan/Lease “Gap”: This coverage will cover the amount between the actual cash value of your vehicle at the time of total loss and the remaining balance in your auto loan.

AAA Michigan also offers personalized plans which come with the following benefits:

  • Small-Claim Forgiveness: Available with all plans, this benefit guarantees your premiums won’t go up if you file a claim under $750. 
  • Claim Forgiveness Loyalty: If you haven’t filed a claim in five years, Advantage and Ultimate plan members will receive claim forgiveness protection, meaning your premium won’t go up after an accident. 
  • Claim Forgiveness Ultimate: Sign up for this offering and receive another claim forgiveness protection opportunity, available for Ultimate plan members. 
  • Claim-Free Rewards: For every year you’re claims-free, earn a renewal credit or cash back (3% of policy premium, up to $50). Available with the Ultimate plan. 
  • AAA Accident Assist: The insurer will dispatch a tow truck, start an insurance claim, schedule for vehicle repairs, and arrange for a rental car if necessary or all plan members.
  • Disappearing Deductible: Your comprehensive and collision deductible will go down by $50 for each insured vehicle if you’re claim-free after every policy term. Ultimate plans will receive up to a maximum of $500 in lowered deductibles. 

Customer Service

Auto Club Group Michigan policyholders can contact the insurer’s representatives by submitting a request via the mobile app, calling 1-800-222-6424, or speaking with a local agent. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Satisfaction Ratings

Auto Club Group Michigan has an AM Best rating of A. This third-party credit rating agency assesses the financial strength of insurance companies. This ranking means the insurer has a high level of financial strength and will most likely honor insurance claims. 

The insurance company also ranked 16th out of 25 car insurance companies regarding customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. It was also rated “about average” or product offerings, customer interactions, and pricing.

Complaint Index

Looking at the number of customer complaints for insurance companies is helpful to determine whether it’ll help you when you need to file a claim. A reputable resource is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), as the organization takes all customer complaints from insurance companies to determine their complaint ratios. The industry average is a ratio of 1.0.

In 2020, Auto Club Group’s complaint ratio was 1.79, which was a decent score—it received fewer complaints compared to other companies their size. But in 2021, that shot up to 3.58, way over the average.  

Account Management

To manage your Auto Club Group account, log into your account online, using their mobile app, or speak with a local agent.

How Auto Club Group (AAA) Michigan Compares to Other Auto Insurance Companies

Auto Club Group Michigan charges higher premiums compared to many of its competitors. However, you may still receive a competitive rate if you qualify for multiple discounts by being a good driver and driving a “safe” vehicle. Comparing coverage with multiple insurers will help you find the best rates. 

Final Verdict

Auto Club Group offers many discount opportunities, numerous ways to customize your auto insurance policy, and multiple ways to contact customer service. You will need to become an AAA member, but you may receive enough reductions on premiums to offset the costs. 

However, premiums tend to be on the higher side, and this insurer’s loss ratio is high. But it could be worth it since the insurer has a robust roadside assistance program and a lower-than-average number of customer complaints.


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