B. Braun Careers and Employment

Loader/Unloader in Irvine, CA


on July 21, 2022

Very bad management. Team work was an issue it was more like every man for themselves. Too much drama, you’re working with adults but they like to argue and accuse anyone if it means special treatment. Breaks were too short, one time supervisor cut down break time from 15 mins to 10 mins just to prove a point. This is a 12 hour shift for crying out loud. No option for 1 hour lunch. When it was “end of run” and we had nothing else to do, they’d make us fake clean to look “busy”. HR is horrible at their job too, you can report someone for their actions that made you feel uncomfortable and by next week they’d still work right next to you, as if nothing happened. You’d have to wait for someone to take your spot in order for you to go to the restroom. Yes being a teachers pet was the way to go if you wanted a promotion or just wanted to be treated more special than the others. I dreaded everyday working there, had little time to rest and less time for family. And on top of that they have this thing called mandatory overtime, but I never went. Everyone who worked a higher paying position was snobby and fake and looked down on the loaders. It’s a horrible company and I’m glad I left.