Bad Credit Financing

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Find A Hassle-Free Bad Credit Or Sub-Prime Car Loan At Supreme Nissan

Supreme Nissan is a great place to get a car loan in Slidell, LA, even if your credit history is rocky at best. We have helped many drivers near New Orleans, LA, get approved for car loans despite their poor credit backgrounds. Even if you have been struggling with recent repossessions, multiple bankruptcies, multiple repossessions, have current delinquencies on any account, a poor payment history, or even a long history of writing checks that have bounced. Speak with our finance department or use our online payment calculator to learn more about your monthly payments.

You Can Still Qualify For A Bad Credit Auto Loan

When the time comes to make a decision about paying for your new or used vehicle purchase, you might feel a little stressed if your credit is poor. But at Supreme Nissan, there’s no need to fret. We can help you apply for and get approved for a bad credit auto loan. Just go online and fill out our secure, online credit application. Within minutes you will receive a personalized auto loan quote! Bad credit auto loans are special loans for shoppers whose credit history is poor. Instead of a minimum credit score requirement, bad credit lenders look at your employment and income history to secure you a loan that fits your financial situation.

Bad Credit Loans

In order to be approved for a bad credit loan to shop our selection of affordable used cars for sale you just need to meet a few simple requirements. Your income for the course of the loan term must be $1500 per month or more. You must be able to show proof of income. You must be able to show proof of residence. You need a current, working phone number. And you need to be able to purchase auto insurance or have current auto insurance coverage.

High Risk Loans

High-risk lenders are different from conventional banks in that they look outside of your credit history to see if you can be approved for a loan. High-risk loans often bring a slightly higher rate of interest, but Supreme Nissan will work to get you the lowest rate possible and competitive terms as well. High-risk loans can get you the reliable transportation you need and can also help raise your credit score as you pay them off. Make sure to make all payments on time to improve your credit score.

Getting a bad credit auto loan is one of the first steps to rebuilding your credit history. Contact Supreme Nissan to find out how we can help. Talk to one of our finance associates about a bad credit or high-risk car loan in Slidell, LA.

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