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Guaranteed Approval Bad Credit Loans

Looking for guaranteed approval loans no matter what?

What are bad-credit personal loans?

Bad credit personal loan is a term used to refer to any credit issued to individuals with bad credit scores.
This does not mean that the credit score is fully ignored, but it is not the only factor considered by direct lenders when evaluating loan applications.

While no online lender can guarantee a 100% loan approval to borrowers with bad credits, those who get approved, typically, get remarkably higher interest rates and less attractive loan terms.

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Can I get a guaranteed approval loan no matter what credit score?

No. There is no way you can get a guaranteed approval loan, no matter how fast the approval process is, what kind of personal loan it is and how good your credit score is.

There is no such thing as “guaranteed personal loans”.
Offering a 100% guarantee on loan approvals is a common practice used by irresponsible lenders and payday loan brokers which we recommend staying away from.

Are there guaranteed instant decision payday loans online?

Yes, it is possible to get an online payday loan with bad credit and instant decision on approval. This means that you get an immediate decision whether you have been approved or not, upon sending your payday loan application.

In case of approval, you will be offered an agreement with the loan-related terms and fees. If you agree with the terms, e-sign the agreement to get your guaranteed loan the next or the same business day.

Types of personal loans with guaranteed fast decision

Payday loans

A bad credit payday loan is a small short-term personal loan typically up to $1500 where lenders rely on your credit score and ability to repay the loan when evaluating your application.
It is not recommended to use high interest short-term loans for longer periods.

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Installment loans

An installment loan is a long-term personal loan up to $10,000 which is also provided to people with poor credit scores. Installment loans are repaid in fixed monthly installments and usually have a lower APR than payday loans.

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Title loans

Online title loans are secured personal loans up to $25,000 when car title is used as collateral to support the loan. Title loan lenders do not rely on the borrower’s bad credit history as unsecured personal loan lenders do.

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Are there no hard credit check direct lenders?

Yes. 24CashToday can match you with direct lenders of personal loans who perform soft credit checks only, even if you have a bad credit score.

There are two types of inquiries into your credit history, often referred to as “hard credit check” and “soft credit check”.

A typical soft inquiry might include checking your own credit or online lenders that check your file when evaluating your loan application.
Soft credit checks will not affect your credit score, while hard credit checks can negatively affect your credit history.

Please read more information about bad credit direct lenders on

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How to apply for a bad credit loan with a guaranteed decision?

The application process is 100% safe, secure, and hassle-free. It takes just 5 minutes to fill in the application form and another 5 to get your decision.
You can apply for a guaranteed decision loan here.

The overall application can be easily completed in several steps:

  1. Check eligibility criteria
  2. Prepare the required documents
  3. Complete online application
  4. Review and e-sign your offer upon approval

Is there risk in bad credit loans?

Yes. There is always a risk involved in taking any loan and with a bad credit score and unreliable income, the risks are even higher.

If you fail to make your payments, you may find yourself even in deeper debt with no chance of taking another loan. In some cases, bankruptcy is the only way to give yourself another chance.

To avoid the risks, always use the loans responsibly and keep an eye on your credit history, current debts, and income sources.