Bandar Restaurant Gluten-Free – San Diego – 2022

I'm not one for Ethnic restaurants, especially Middle Eastern (I don't know why, just not my favorite tastes). But, I found myself in San Diego without my enzymes that I need for CC issues that many restaurants have when serving both gluten and gluten free foods. I read up on this restaurant and saw all of their ingredients (except for their bread) do not contain any gluten. Out of safety sake, I went here. It was for lunch, so I wasn't excited about the $$$ designation, but I planned on sucking it up.

First, I got a nice seat outside, which I was happy to see they offered. I ordered the chicken with black cherry dish. Prices were reasonable for lunch. I asked to keep the menu, as I planned on ordering something to go. I am a BIG eater and typical "lunch" portions NEVER fill me up. I was surprised to see a nice salad included, so used to a la carte everything at restaurants. And then they brought out my main course EXTREMELY fast. HOLY COW, the portion was, by far, the largest I have seen for any lunch, and most dinners. The chicken was tender and it all was delicious. I even brought some back to the hotel (which I promptly ate as soon as got in there, so not sure what my point was.) My belly was FULL and I did not get sick. Waitress was super great, and someone else (manager?owner?) came by to check on everything during. Although, dinner prices are more expensive, you can seriously get two meals in one. Trust me on this. I will ABSOLUTELY return here.