BANDO RESTAURANT, Indianapolis – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

They really need to work on what they advertise inside the restaurant.

I went there with one of my friends They had and “all you can eat meat” sign for about $30; so we ordered that.
A few minutes later the lady came back saying…I had to order two of them because it’s the BBQ… The sign said absolutely nothing about that. So the big sign that said $30 was actually doubled.

And the “all you can eat” was just 2 plates of uncooked meat…

We know for the BBQ we have to order two to us it but we tried getting another cheaper option but it had to be the same one.

Near the end they were pretty much rushing us to leave when we weren’t there that long and there wasn’t anyone waiting for our seats either seeing as the place was nearly empty.

One of the waiters gave us a little to go box that we never asked for and the lady taking our checks said leftover meat was 10 dollars extra and pointed to their sign.
It was literally a small handful of meat left that we were STILL EATING. But since this was our first time having it she didn’t include it but warned us for next time.

So when paying there was another sign that said “10% off entrees if you use cash” the lady said it applies to what we bought too.

So something that ended up costing us $75 we thought it would help a little since it was just 2 of us.
(Side note: we ordered the buffet dish and had two waters nothing else)

When the lady came back our money was a bit short… Turns out she never gave us the discount but we just left cause of how ridiculous dinners are.

That was one of the worst experiences I had there. So we’re sticking with lunches because they are half the price for pretty much the same amount of food…