Bank of America Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt consolidation is a good idea for borrowers with high-interest debts owed to multiple lenders. Whether or not debt consolidation is wise depends largely on if you can get a new loan or credit card that will save you money compared to the current cost of your debts. The simplicity of a single payment can be helpful, too.… read full answer

How Much You Can Save With Debt Consolidation


Existing Debts

Typical Debt Consolidation Loan

Number of Debts



Owed Amount



Interest Rate



Total Interest



Total Savings



* Interest rates are from WalletHub data and total interest is calculated on a 2-year basis.

When Debt Consolidation Is a Good Idea

When it gets you lower rates

If you’re able to qualify for a new loan or line of credit with a lower APR than your current creditors are charging, consolidating the debts will reduce the overall cost of what you owe by slowing down the rate at which interest accrues. That in turn will help you pay off what you owe more quickly.

When you’re having trouble managing your payments

If you find yourself with too many individual debts that are hard to keep track of, and you risk missing monthly due dates as a result, consolidating can help simplify your finances.

When the fees aren’t excessive

If you have a credit score of 660+, you should be able to qualify for a personal loan with no origination fee. And some balance transfer credit cards for scores of 700+ have no balance transfer fees. Other loans and cards may charge fees that increase what you owe by 1% to 8%, which might make debt consolidation a bad idea.

When you can get enough funding

Depending on how much you owe and how high your credit score and income are, you might not qualify for a large enough loan or credit limit to accommodate all your existing debts. In that case, you might consider consolidating partially, or you might decide that opening a new tài khoản isn’t a good idea.

When you’re not about to make a major financial decision

In the long run, debt consolidation can help you get debt-free more quickly and raise your credit score. But it will cause short-term credit score damage from the hard inquiry required to open a loan or credit card. This could affect your approval odds or the rates you get for things like auto loans or mortgages for up to a year.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, debt consolidation is a good idea when it helps you get organized and obtain better rates. You can click on the button below to compare the best debt consolidation loan offers on WalletHub.

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