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What CPR certification level do I need? (We Recommend BLS)

BLS is recommended as the best option to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies. Students will learn to perform CPR and choking procedures on adults, children, and infants.

  • A is adults only CPR
  • C is adults, child, and infant CPR, plus 2-person CPR scenarios
  • BLS (formerly HCP) is helpful for everyone, but is designed for people that work in a health care or lifesaving setting (ie. nurses, medical and dental clinic professionals, firefighters, lifeguards, or other emergency first response team).

NOTE: HCP is an OUTDATED Level of CPR. It has been replaced by BLS Level CPR according to the Heart and Stroke Guidelines. If you were looking for HCP Level CPR you should now be looking for BLS courses.

Are you a medical or dental client?

  • You need Standard First Aid and CPR Level BLS.

If you are a student in any of the following programs you require CPR Level “C”

  • Aesthetician- SFA-C. 2 Years
  • Fitness and health promotion. 2 Years- SFA-C
  • Pre-Service firefighter training. 1 Year SFA-C

You require BLS Level CPR – AND recertification EVERY YEAR – if you are a student in any of the following programs:

  • Acupuncture. 3 Years. SFA before-BLS each year..
  • Bachelor of Science in nursing. 4 Year
  • Dental Assisting Level 1 and 2. 1 year
  • Dental Hygiene- 3 year program
  • Denturism- 3 years
  • Massage Therapy- SFA-BLS 2 years.
  • Occupational/physiotherapy assistant. SFA-BLS – 2 YEARS
  • Paramedic. SFA-BLS 2 year.
  • PSW- 1 year- SFA-BLS
  • Pharmacy Technician- 2 Years. SFA-BLS
  • Practical nursing. 2.5 years. SFA-BLS

What’s the minimum age to register for a course? 13. Here’s why:

Barrie First Aid accepts individuals above the age of 13 without a parent / guardian present. We also allow particpants under the age of 13 as long as a parent or guardian registers with them – note there is no guarantee that children will be able to receive certifications but will benefit from training regardless.

Everyone can benefit from learning first aid. Barrie First Aid Training conducts private in-home courses for children as young as 5 years old, HOWEVER, certifications may only be issued to individuals who demonstrate competancy and ability in performing the skills required and knowledge involved in an approved CPR training program.

Barrie First Aid has taught emergency first aid courses to students in elementary schools, and has also taught many courses to groups Boy Scouts.

Do all courses include AED training & certification? Yes! See details:

Yes! One of our frequenctly asked questions is whether or not a course will certify the student in AED use. Yes, ALL our courses contain an AED component to the exact same standard no matter which course you choose.