Basic Carpentry | Yestermorrow Design/Build School

NOTE: The May 2023 session of this course will take place on our Bluff, UT campus.

This course gives students a basic overview of general terms, tools, and techniques used in the field of carpentry. Learn how to safely use a wide range of hand and power tools while building a small structure such as a garden shed or playhouse.  We'll go over house framing and layout while looking at the anatomy of a structure. Whether you're planning on building a house or just want to learn some basic skills, this course will help you gain the confidence you'll need.


"I found the instructors Lizabeth and Patti to be very helpful and fun, wonderful people. Their hands-on approach to learning was in line with my learning methods. I couldn’t have asked for better instructors for this class and would recommend anyone take this course with them teaching."

"Lizabeth and Patti were awesome instructors for this course. They taught us a lot about carpentry in the week we had together. I would definitely recommend them to teach this course in the future. They also had a great sense of humor and related well with the students."

"The course was excellent. I am ready to attempt my own shed and there is no doubt that shed #2 will be better than shed #1. Thanks to all! The course was great!"

"Both instructors were absolutely excellent and made the course totally enjoyable. With great interaction/interpersonal skills and of course knowledge they made everyone feel at home."