Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Download (Last Version) Free PC Game Torrent

First person shooter engine – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – allows the player to make their own shelters, machine-gun crews, create separate points on the map, which will become both a shelter and a base. The destruction system involves constant explosions and a huge amount of action. In general, Battlefield: BC 2 remains the same shooter with good stuffing in terms of physics and shooting, where we can use vehicles to move around the map. ATVs, tanks, helicopters – everything is at our disposal if we find.

The conflict that flared up between the two superpowers – Russia and the United States – leads to a world war. The first interactive actions show us 1944, where, according to the Commander of the Navy Seals, they found a new hotbed of confrontation, located in the Sea of ​​Japan. Two detachments of special forces are sent there, one of which is killed at the hands of the rebels. The second finds the scientist, who is the main target, and he warns that soon everyone around will die. Burst, wave, squad dies.

However, the Third World War has not yet begun. So we are told by the main character – an officer of the special unit of the Navy Seals in the United States. All his comrades were brazenly slaughtered by Russian soldiers, seizing them like scouts.

We have to fight in a short campaign against the Russians and the Japanese in the territory of Alaska, Mexico and some countries of Eurasia, which has long been captured by Russia..

The game became famous for its large-scale cooperative mode, in which up to 32 players can take part. All of them are divided into two groups, between which there is a battle on a huge map. Before the start of the round, which ends when a certain goal is achieved: the capture of the territory, a certain number of kills. Player chooses weapon and side.