Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Video Game 2010) – IMDb

Battlefield bad company 2 is one of the best and most entertaining military shooters in history, the story of the game is beautiful and sometimes funny and full of interesting and paid characters. Also, the story is well narrated as a shooter and can go to the end. Keep yourself The gameplay and gunplay are not perfect, but they are extremely fun, the mission design is great and there is a lot of variety. Gunplay, although slower than other shooters, is extremely handy The variety of weapons is also good and shooting with each weapon has a special feeling The destructibility of the game is also very well done and it induces a sense of presence on the battlefield well The technical and artistic graphics are also at a good level and there is not much weakness in it.

The game's sound is great and it gives a good feeling of being on the battlefield The game soundtracks are also of good quality In general, battlefield bad company 2 is a masterpiece in the style of military shooters.