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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam download torrent action shooter video game with tactical storytelling and first person camera view. This is a multiplayer action game that absolutely all lovers of this genre should play. Electronic Arts released the game in 2010 for PC and other modern consoles. It turned out to be very successful and sold well, but gamers should know that this is not a full game, but an addition to the second part of Bad Company. So to download this update, you must have the original game installed.

Story line

The plot is entertaining and original, telling about the war in Vietnam and the confrontation between American troops and the Vietnamese there. The game has both a single-player storyline and a multiplayer one. But in multiplayer, you will see only fragments of a cinematic interpretation of the war in Vietnam. However, you can also participate there yourself. For the first time, the player is asked to fight either for the United States or for the Democrats from Vietnam. Choose your side yourself and start participating in a large-scale military battle. In the game, in addition to the new storyline, there are other innovations and uniqueness. For example, all vehicles from previous parts were replaced with the one used in Vietnam during the war. Also, weapons and equipment have been changed. In particular, what the Vietnamese themselves used. We are more accustomed to seeing US weapons. The game allows you to improve the weapons and equipment of each character, as well as develop the protagonist himself. Improve their characteristics, improve and improve the main character in order to effectively resist the enemy army. An interesting feature is that now it is almost impossible to see which unit is in front of you: friendly or enemy. The marks on the map have been removed, so you only have to look at the chevrons on the equipment of the fighters. Many vehicles have become more vulnerable to conventional small arms. This was done for some kind of balancing, because serious weapons were minimized here in every possible way. Download the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam torrent and go through a great game alone, and then with friends.

Game process

The gameplay is largely reminiscent of the original game. Only a few changes in weapons and equipment, as well as vehicles used in the armies of Vietnam and the United States, are noticeable. Don’t forget that the same account is used for both the expansion and the original game. The modes have remained the same, the multiplayer has not expanded. There is a player rating in the online achievement system. Destroy enemies and die as little as possible to stay in the first positions of the pedestal. The developers have added only 5 new cards. They are quite extensive and all are almost identical. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning. The music here is truly amazing. Compositions from Steve Everitt, Haralt Winkler, Alan Darby and Anders Lewen fit perfectly into the overall game concept. Realism is always lacking. This is very reminiscent of the original game, where the laws of physics and realism work like clockwork.

Features Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam

  • original plot;
  • many innovations;
  • 5 new maps, old locations;
  • high proportion of realism;
  • masterpiece music;
  • large-scale battles
  • quality gameplay;
  • unique weapons;
  • improvement of characters, weapons, equipment;
  • online achievement system.

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System requirements