‎Bear's Restaurant



To the developer or anyone looking to play this game- there are so many things I love about this game, I enjoyed being a waiter for the dead, I enjoyed the progressive storyline throughout the game, and there are many more aspects that I enjoyed throughout the game. However, I do have some things I didn’t like as much with the game. There was an overweight character that was portrayed in a way to make it seem like they treated their family horribly and never did anything but play video games and eat. This is mildly upsetting because this is a stereotype often subtly in the media, it would be nice if they could maybe show slight remorse because even in the end they don’t seem to have made any change in behavior or willingness to change. This is only a statement though I’m not asking it to be put on the game, I’m simply trying to let it be brought into conversation. The game is also really short depending on how you play it, I finished it in about a day (with ads). I was really surprised when I reached the train and it wanted me to pay for the sequel. Yes, there is a way to get past the train for free, but it takes a long time compared to everything else in the game. I enjoyed the game, but for how long it lasts, it’s kinda disappointing.

TLDR; good app in general, slightly disappointing, and quick and easy.