Beatnik Restaurant in Chicago

Beatnik – Chicago

Beatnik is a cocktail bar and restaurant that offers guests lush interiors, opulent décor and old-world elegance. The extravagant design was inspired by the bohemian lifestyle and aesthetic sensibility of the 1950s in America and Europe.

The sound of Beatnik echoes the space, with elements arriving from all corners of the globe. Reggae, Afrobeat, and Middle Eastern Classic Rock weave easily with Brazilian Soul and 60s French Pop. From Kingston to Kinshasa, Rio to the Riviera, Beatnik’s music is a journey of discovery and the exotic.

Bonhomme Hospitality Group is a full service hospitality design, development and management company. In addition to Beatnik, it also owns Black Bull, Bordel, Celeste, Disco and Fulton Market District.