Become a Makeup Artist with this free online diploma course


This course introduces you to the world of professional makeup artistry as we study topics from choosing makeup tools like brushes to running your own beauty business. We examine eye, face and beauty makeup with examples and exercises to provide you with a firm foundation in the cosmetic industry, enabling you to turn your new skills into a career.

The course explores many topics: makeup techniques, career options, skincare, makeup tools, applying foundation and concealer, eyeliner techniques and more. We present a series of demonstrations featuring a professional makeup artist and a model to help you master the practical application of cosmetics and beauty techniques, including: mascara and eyeliner, eyebrow grooming, lip makeup, foundation and concealer, corrective makeup, contouring and building eyelashes. We also show you how to use and maintain your equipment and layout business lessons to make sure you prosper as a professional artist.

This course can help you to work in the beauty industry, but it also suits anyone who uses makeup and wants to improve their techniques to get the most out of their products, which can be expensive. Whether you intend to work on clients, yourself or your friends, this course takes you from simple ‘makeup user’ to ‘makeup artist’.

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