Behind the lens: Brian Oar’s Top 10 desert golf masterpieces

Certain golf courses are truly living, breathing works of art, whether they were created by machine or the gentle hands of Mother Nature. Most golf architects and their bulldozer operators are gifted with an uncanny vision to create large-scale landscape sculptures into stunning golf holes. Some of these golf artists could arguably be compared to the talent of a Michelangelo or as gifted as Da Vinci.

While there are many opinions and theories about what makes a golf course great, I have compiled 10 photographs of courses I deem desert masterpieces. Beyond the power rankings and Top 100 lists, I think this collection is worthy of the title just for their sheer beauty and inspiring architecture.

This photo essay offers a look at courses I dream about photographing. These are the tracks that give me goose bumps when I get to shoot them, and these are the ones I lay awake the night before devising a meticulous location plan for capturing the morning Golden Hour light.