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$11.00Smooth, sweet, nutty. Willett reserve bourbon, bénédictine, walnut bitters

$10.00Fruity, bright, acidic. Manifest gin, aperol, strawberry, lemon

Frobscottle and Snozzcumbers
$11.00Bold, dry, tiki. Fernet, rum, cucumber, pineapple, almond, lime

Fahrenheit 904
$10.00Cool, sparkling, refreshing. Bearing light rum, aloe, cucumber, mint, dill, lime, tonic

Mexican Cookout
$11.00Smokey, bright, fruity. Montelobos mezcal, ancho chili, watermelon, lime

$10.00Smooth, solid, complex. Cocchi vermouth amaro, old tom gin, lemon oil, bitters

Ode to Freddie Johnson
$11.00Strong, rich, bracing. Eagle rare bourbon, punt e mes vermouth, apricot brandy, pecan bitters

Yellow Subermarine
$11.00Sweet, citrusy, complex. Camus cognac, orange, combier, elderflower, citrus

Conflict of Interest
$10.00Subtle, floral, savory. Rittenhouse rye whiskey, violette, blackberry, ginger, lime, smoke

Dealer's Choice
$11.00trust your bartender