Best Company Names and What Makes Them Unique

best company names

Relationships are determined by our first impressions. That’s why the name of a business plays a major role in how customers perceive and relate to it.

Using a business name generator is one way to streamline the process of coming up with a descriptive, unique, and more importantly, available name. Coupled with some examples of the best company names plus their stories, this article can help you begin brainstorming ideas when naming your next venture.

Best company names

01. Verizon

The name Verizon combines the Latin word for truth, veritas and the word horizon. The Latin term echoes the first part of its corporate mission statement, “We deliver the promise of the digital world.” While Verizon’s horizon signifies its forward-looking approach, as seen in the second half of its company statement, “…by enhancing the ability of humans, businesses and society to do more new and do more good.” As one of the best company names to date, Verizon stands tall.

02. Whole Foods

The gradual ascend of the organic giant is a story in it of itself. Right from the get-go, the original founders always focused on bringing natural foods and products to the forefront of Americans’ unconscious shopping habits.

In 1978, co-founder John Mackey grew his business idea out of Austin, Texas with his first small store, Whole Foods Market. The company grew exponentially, but its name has remained a fixed point throughout these past transformative decades in an ode to wellness and health. Whole Foods is simple and honest, just like the products that they sell.

03. Netflix

One of the most important portmanteaus of the last year, Netflix ranks among the best company names today. Blending together net, short for internet, and flix, a jazzed up way to write film in plural form, Netflix represents a target market of moviegoers who prefer to watch online. It’s relatable, unique and easy to remember.

04. The North Face

When you’re looking to buy serious outdoor gear, North Face most likely comes to mind. That’s because it’s one of the best company names out there. Anyone can easily resonate with the following meaning: “In the Northern Hemisphere, the north face of a mountain is generally the coldest, iciest and most formidable route to climb,” as stated on the FAQ page of its website.

Catchy name ideas

Now that you’ve learned the unique stories behind the names of some successful companies and brands, you’re ready to find your own. Using a company name generator helps speed up the practice of coming up with a business name. In a matter of seconds, you can find some inspirational options and secure a domain name to go with it, both of which are crucial steps to starting a business.

When naming a business, you need to consider how it will influence your branding and marketing efforts and whether it will create a strong first impression on potential customers. During this part of the process, you’ll want to pay close attention to feeding the generator tool with the most relevant terms describing your company.

For example, if you’re starting an online business based around sunglasses, the most important word that should show up in your company name and domain name is sunglasses. I advise you to choose a second word to refine your search and make your name more unique. You could throw in the words stylish or prescription to narrow your choices, depending on your type of audience and product that you sell.

Working with our business name generator, in anticipation for this blog post, I came up with some solid examples of the best company names per industry.

1. Silk Road Sweets

Words: Japanese sweets Industry: Food subscription box

2. Silver Winner

Words: silver jewelry Industry: Ecommerce accessories shop

3. Wisepet Shop

Words: Happy dog Industry: Pet shop

4. Holy Cream

Words: Cream Industry: Ice cream shop

5. Yoga Switch

Words: Yoga Industry: Yoga studio

6. Hyperfitness

Words: Bodybuilder Industry: Fitness trainer

7. Proprint Design

Words: Print design Industry: Print design firm

8. Lens Corner

Words: Camera lens Industry: Photography studio

9. Bike Warrior

Words: Bike Industry: Bike repair shop

10. Sunglasses Power

Words: Sunglasses Industry: Sunglass store

7 rules for choosing the best company name

It’s time to finally pick a name. That way you can begin filling out your business plan template, create a business website and go through the rest of your checklist. Here are the guidelines for choosing the right name for your business:

01. It needs to be descriptive

As mentioned above in the name generator section, using descriptive words in your business name can have a positive impact on how others relate to your products or services. With the right word choice, your name can evoke a certain feeling or emotion. Take the example of “Silk Road Sweets” which transports people to a historical turning point where East met West under the ancient Silk Road trade routes. It’s easy to link this hypothetical food subscription box back to its contents, Japanese sweets.

02. It shows your values to customers

Just like Verizon and North Face, brand and business names are as strong as the ideals that they represent. Your company name needs to have meaning above anything else. It should be identifiable and can position your business as something that matters.

If you’re starting a service business around education, your values align with truthfulness, fairness and dignity. That’s why the leading digital reading platform Epic borrows its name from the Greek word epikos. It not only suggests “impressive” or “big” but celebrates honor and respect.

03. It’s original

One way to stay competitive in a saturated market is by having a unique business name. It will set you apart from others in your industry or niche.

With a one-of-a-kind company name, you are less likely to encounter any legal trouble down the line, such as trademark infringement. In 2005, a judge ruled in favor of Starbucks, who sued a coffee shop owner in Oregon over the name Sambucks Coffee. This modern take on David and Goliath was one of several major trademark battles. Furthermore, you don’t want your name to be confused with another similar sounding business name. You can avoid a mix-up with a name you can truly call your own.

04. It’s memorable

By choosing a company name that’s easy to say, spell and recall, you’re also making it shareable. People will be more likely to spread the word since an unforgettable name is also a functional one. The best company names are the ones that stay on the tip of our tongues, like Sharp, Lego and Google.

05. It’s scalable as your business grows

Few small business owners can correctly predict the future of their success. However, history shows us that by keeping your options open, you will be able to receive any changes that may occur, including expansion.

With this in mind, you may want to avoid limiting your business name based on a geographic location or specific product type, as it can affect scalability. In doing so, you’ll ensure capability to adapt to new demands, trends or markets. While you might start a business selling one type of product or service, you should also jot down some other offerings to include on your price list down the line. For example, a business name like “Lady handbags” confines your brand to one type of client and product. Think of a company name as a catchall for any potential growth within your market.

06. Test it out

At this stage, you might have a few viable options, but to be 100% sure on your choice, you’ll need to get some external feedback. You can take your business name idea to your friends, family or even potential investors to get their insight. Alternatively, you may choose to operate as a DBA until you make your business name official.

Use the opportunity to test it out in real-time and see how others react to it. Is it positive? Or do people still have questions about what you’re trying to achieve? Either way, every company name needs to go through this process to assure that only the good ones make the final cut.

07. It’s available

Today’s businesses have or are working toward building a strong online presence. Once you create a website, your domain name is the address of that site.

Typically, a domain name will be closely associated with the name of the business online, thereby it’s crucial to check domain availability even as early as the brainstorming stage. This step will also help in the process of registering a business name, legally protecting the name in accordance with government laws.

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By Cecilia Lazzaro Blasbalg

Small Business Expert & Writer