Best CPA Review Course in 2022 – UWorld Roger CPA Review

Comprehensive Practice Questions

Quality vs. Quantity

What is the best way to pass the CPA Exam? The short answer is to practice by completing Multiple Choice Questions and Task-based Simulations. However, let us take a closer look at how to practice these types of questions effectively.

UWorld provides the most dynamic lectures and streamlined textbooks to CPA candidates, but these tools aren’t enough to pass the first time. Students only retain about 30% of the information needed to fully comprehend the material with these methods.

In contrast, our “learn by doing” methodology, known as active learning, enables students to learn and retain more than 70% of the information needed to pass the CPA Exam. This evidence-based technique is achieved by delivering the correct quantity of questions with the highest quality.

  • Quantity of questions: There is an optimal number of questions to practice before you have diminishing returns in your studying. At UWorld, we have found that practicing from 6,000-7,000 CPA questions is ideal for obtaining the right exposure to the most highly-tested CPA Exam concepts.
  • Quality of questions: We believe this is the most critical aspect of the best CPA Review courses. If you do not understand the why behind your correct or incorrect questions answered, you could do 10,000 questions and still not pass the CPA Exam.

Difficulty At or Above Exam Level

On the CPA Exam, the AICPA typically includes one or two answer options meant to distract you from the right answer. Getting these questions right can be tricky if you don’t have the right practice materials! At UWorld, our dedicated team of experts invests thousands of hours in developing statistically-valid, high-quality questions that mimic what students will see on exam day.

Content Always Up-To-Date

It is difficult for other CPA review providers to keep up with annual content changes. If you are conducting your CPA review course comparison based upon the sheer number of questions they have, you may not be getting the quality questions you need.

Compare Answer Explanations

In the UWorld Roger CPA Review program, you will immediately see that our team of experts put their hearts into developing quality questions and answers that are second-to-none. Questions are paired with in-depth yet concise answer explanations that include educational illustrations, breakdowns of why each answer option is correct or incorrect, and “Things to remember” summaries of each concept. They ensure the what, why, and how behind each question is directly aligned to something you will need to know on the CPA Exam.