Best Excel Classes NYC: Find Courses & Onsite Training

Microsoft Excel, part of the Microsoft Office suite, is a software program in which formulas and functions are used in spreadsheets to organize data and numbers. Excel has wide applicability across professions because it allows users to efficiently organize, conceptualize, modify, or retrieve large amounts of data for a variety of purposes. Those with Excel training are able to quickly execute complicated tasks like conditional formatting and trend identification, as well as to access data that can then be shared with others in a collaborative environment.

Learning Excel is a great way to increase your marketability in NYC. In addition to its vast applications for financial analysis, Excel is also used by non-professionals for daily tasks such as organization and record-keeping. This speaks to the widespread appeal of this program, as well as why 750 million people worldwide currently use Excel. It is considered the premiere data analytical tool for spreadsheet interaction.

Excel Careers in NYC

Excel’s uses extend across professions in NYC. This program has applicability in the financial sector, as it can be used to monitor a company’s financial transactions. It also serves as an organizational tool for teachers and writers. There are several dozen publishing houses in NYC, such as Doubleday, Harlequin, and Viking Books, in which Excel skills are essential for daily tasks. In addition, Excel is used by office managers to create work schedules and ensure deadlines are met. In the business sector, Excel is able to store clients’ contact information and track a company’s sales and returns.

Because of its array of uses, over eighty percent of employers seek candidates with proficiency in Excel. Learning this program is an important contributing factor not just for employment, but also for upward mobility within a profession. Training in Excel is a great way to distinguish your resume in such disciplines as Data Journalism, Retail Management, Financial Analytics, and Accounting. In data-related fields in particular, Excel training is a must.

Not only does a background in Excel open professional opportunities, but experienced Excel users often report a salary increase of between $1,000 and $7,000. If you are considering a career in Excel in NYC, Marketing Analysts, Digital Analysts, and Financial Analysts can expect to make a yearly salary of between $64K and $73K. NYC-based Investment Bankers typically earn over $110,000 annually, 73% above the national average in this field.

In-Person Excel Classes in NYC

In-person Excel classes provide a great educational experience for those students who enjoy the traditional classroom approach to Excel training. These courses offer a fully immersive, hands-on learning environment in which lessons are taught by industry professionals. This collaborative classroom dynamic also facilitates networking opportunities with other students. In addition, those enrolled have access to powerful computers that are loaded with the necessary software and tools for study.

Excel Classes from Noble Desktop

Founded in 1990, Noble Desktop has been providing industry-relevant education for over thirty years. Noble’s state-of-the-art facility is located in Midtown Manhattan, the country’s largest media, entertainment, and commercial center. Those attending in-person classes can easily commute via Penn Station, Grand Central, or the NJ PATH. Noble’s Excel courses offer small class sizes, as well as access to computer labs, software, and equipment tailored to help you succeed. Through its diverse course offering of certificate programs, bootcamps, and classes, Noble Desktop continues to provide students with an educational environment conducive to success.

Noble’s live online Excel courses offer training for those who are new to Excel as well as students with Excel experience who are looking to sharpen their skills. Noble’s Excel Bootcamp is a 21-hour program in which students progress from Excel beginners to pros in three days. This three-part course begins with Excel for Business Fundamentals, which covers introductory concepts like basic functions, charts, and formatting. The second part, Intermediate Excel for Business, teaches more complex functions, such as SUMIFs and VLOOKUP. This course concludes with Advanced Excel for Business, in which participants receive training on such topics as how to use What-If Analysis for Goal Seek and Data Tables.

Other Excel Classes

In addition to the Excel courses currently offered by Noble Desktop, there are other learning opportunities for those seeking Excel training in NYC through Noble affiliate schools. NYIM Training has several Excel classes available for beginners as well as more advanced learners. Their Excel for Business Fundamentals is an introductory-level class that helps students develop a working knowledge of core Excel skills, such as performing calculations, as well as creating tables and charts. This course has flexible scheduling options, and can be completed in-person in NYC, or live online. NYIM Training’s Excel for Business Bootcamp covers the gamut of Excel topics, from beginner to advanced. By course completion, those enrolled will be able to efficiently use Excel for common business tasks.

NYC Career Centers Beginner Microsoft Excel provides an introduction to spreadsheets, data entry, and workbook management. NYC Career Centers also offers Advanced Microsoft Excel, a one-day course geared toward those who already have a background in Excel but hope to master the program’s more advanced functions, like cell locking, PivotTables, and Index-Match.

Virtual Excel Classes

Do you prefer learning in the online environment? If so, virtual Excel classes are designed with your needs in mind. These live online courses provide the same benefits as in-person study, with hands-on, interactive training by industry professionals. All of Noble’s in-person Excel courses are also offered in the live online format so that you can ask questions, receive guidance, and opt to share your screen with the instructor without having to leave the comfort of your own home or office.

High School Excel Classes in NYC

For teenagers in NYC who want to get a head start learning Excel, there are summer Excel classes for high schoolers in NYC available through NextGen Bootcamp. NextGen is Noble Desktop’s youth training division and is devoted to preparing high-school students for a career in such fields as finance, business, or real estate. NextGen shares facilities with Noble in Midtown Manhattan, and those who are interested in enrolling can study in NYC or live online.

Corporate and Onsite Excel Classes in NYC

Nearly every career track in NYC relies on those with Excel training for daily work tasks. Noble Desktop offers corporate and onsite Excel training so that employees at your office or company can receive the necessary training to advance their careers. Several options are available depending on your employees’ preferences and needs. Instruction is available at Noble’s offices in Manhattan for those in the city. Noble’s instructors can also provide training at your own office or workplace, or provide virtual training via WebEx or Zoom. In addition, Noble also has vouchers available for purchase for open enrollment courses, which provide a convenient alternative so that employees can choose which time and learning environment most suits their needs.

Are you interested in learning more about the various Excel training options available for those at your workplace? If so, feel free to email Noble for additional information, as well as how to enroll.