Best Farm-To-Table Restaurants In Dallas, Texas

Farm-to-table restaurants are starting to play a bigger role in farming and in healthy dinning in recent years. That’s because it gives the farmers the chance to market their products in a better and more direct way when it comes to their customers.

At the same time, it’s a good promotional tool for restaurant owners since it shows that they care about the environment and that they are supporting local businesses and especially local farmers.

Here are a few of them to try out and thus support both the local chefs and the local farmers

Mudhen Meat And Green

Dallas Food Network has named this restaurant to be the best farm-to-table restaurant. It’s done with a good reason since it’s truly one of the best restaurants out there and it offers a quality cuisine while sticking to a philosophy about cooking and finding produce overall.

Mudhen Meat and GreenMudhen Meat and Green

Their main feature is called build your own bowl meaning that you get to choose your own dish from the list that the restaurant provides. The beverage menu is also impressive and has some of the greatest cocktails in Dallas.


Bolsa has a rather long tradition in this field since it’s one of the first restaurants that offered farm to table service. It features a menu that changes both seasonally and daily meaning that there are daily specials but that use only the ingredients that are available in season.

Their website offers a list of farmers and ranchers whose services are used by the restaurant meaning that you get to contact them directly if you want to get their produce directly. The restaurant has a charming ambiance and a large patio.

Café Momentum

Café Momentum is one of those uniquely American establishments that are dying out and when you find one, it becomes you most favorite restaurant. It’s American in terms of that they are preparing traditional American dishes and in terms that they use the produce coming from local farmers and local gardens.

Café MomentumCafé MomentumThe menu is thus an eclectic mix of salads, starters and main dishes. Must try dish is often the local fried chicken that’s actually not fried but smoked as is the case in Texas. There are also deserts like chocolate cake that’s made without any flour and the menu is recently expended to vegan and vegetarian dishes.


Celebration restaurant is an award winning establishment that’s being praised for both its food and its approach to agriculture and gardening which is focused on eco-friendly practices. They serve traditional southern cuisine that’s prepared and presented in family style. The whole menu is sustainable meaning that both the meat and the produce are made with eco-friendly practices in mind.

Celebration restaurantCelebration restaurant

There’s a clearly set of rules that the restaurant follows as it comes to how the meat is prepared and how the animals are treated. These are:  natural cage-free turkeys, no-antibiotic, vegetarian diet cage-free chickens, sea-food certified as ‘Best Choice’ and 100 percent grass-fed beef.

Garden Café

Garden Café is another rather well known Dallas restaurant not only in the category of farm-to-table restaurants but overall dining offer. It’s a day time only eatery so it’s not a place you can go on a date in, but it’s a great restaurant for launch or branch.

The restaurant has its own organic farm and its where their produce is coming. Meat on the other hand is bought from the local farmers and local ranchers. The patio area is dog friendly and is wonderfully calming.

Patina Green Home and Market

This eco-friendly farm to table restaurant has one gimmick that it has to offer and that one is the only one you need to know about and the only one that will keep you coming back to it. It offers the best sandwiches in town and that’s not just an empty promise.

Make sure you try the ham jalapeño cheddar sandwich and their artisanal soda since it’s the most famous and the most common dish it offers. The overall vibe of the restaurant is rather chill and family friendly.

Sundown At Granada

This restaurant offers a two level patio and a great mix of food coming from a variety of different cuisines, but with the overall eco-friendly approach. It’s located close to Granada Theater which is where it gets its name from. It’s especially beautiful if you’re able to get the spot on the rooftops with an amazing view it provides.

Sundown At GranadaSundown At GranadaThe menu is a mix of American and Mexican cuisine and there are dishes for those with dietary restrictions and preferences. There are many craft beers and handmade cocktails on the menu as well and they too follow the rules as to eco-friendly dinning.