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Top Udacity Courses

Why Choose Udacity Certification Courses?

Udacity began as an experiment in online learning when Stanford professors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig decided to make their “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” course available to anybody for free online. More than 160,000 students from over 190 countries registered.


The potential to educate people on a global scale was astounding, and hence, Udacity was formed to democratize education. It took them several years of intense iteration and experimentation to clarify their focus on career advancement through mastery of in-demand skills.


But, today, Udacity is proud to offer aspiring learners worldwide the opportunity to participate in—and contribute to—some of the world’s most exciting and innovative fields.


Udacity’s objective is to prepare the world’s workforce for future occupations. They collaborate with premier technology businesses to discover how technology is altering sectors and educate the vital tech skills that employers seek in their employees.


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Which Course Is Best on Udacity? Nanodegrees, Exclusive Courses, & Free Classes

Business Analytics - Best Udacity Nanodegree Course


About the courseThis is the best udacity course which will teach you the fundamental data skills that may be used across functions and industries. You’ll learn how to use Excel to analyze data and develop models, SQL to query databases, and Tableau to generate useful data visualizations.In collaboration withtableau and MODEDurationApproximately 3 monthsTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisitesNoneInstructorsJosh Bernhard, Dana Sheahan, Mat Leonard, Derek Steer and Sam NelsonCertificateYesPaid/FreePaod


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Udacity Most Popular Courses On SQL


About the coursePerform data analysis on relational and non-relational database systems to support strategic decision-making. Learn how to determine, develop, and execute SQL and NoSQL queries for manipulating and dissecting huge databases.In collaboration withNoneDurationApproximately 2 monthsTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisites

  1. Fundamental computing skills:
    • Knowledge of operating systems (Windows and MacOS)
    • familiarity with and comfort using word editing software (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PDF)

    • Capable of employing presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides)
    • Feeling at ease with spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets)
  2. Basic comprehension of data types (e.g., string, integer) (e.g., string, integer)

InstructorsMalavica Sridhar, Ziad Saab and Derek SteerCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid

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Best Udacity Nanodegree Course for Data Engineers


About the courseLearn how to create data models, data warehouses, and data lakes and how to automate data pipelines and work with large datasets. After the program, you will integrate your new abilities by completing a capstone project.In collaboration withINSIGHTDurationApproximately 5 weeksTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisitesIntermediate Python programming skills, such as that obtained through the Programming for Data Science Nanodegree program, other basic programming classes or programs, or extra real-world software development experience are required including:


  1. Statements, operators, and expressions; strings, numbers, and variables;
  2. dictionaries, lists, and tuples Loops and conditions
  3. Objects, procedures, modules, and libraries;
  4. Debugging and troubleshooting Documentation and research
  5. Solving problems; Data structures and algorithms


InstructorsAmanda Moran, Ben Goldberg, Sameh El Ansary, Olli Livonen, David Drummond, Judit Lantos and Juno LeeCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


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Data Analyst


About the best Udacity Nanodegree course


This is the best course on Udacity to improve your programming abilities and your ability to work with messy, complicated datasets. You’ll discover how to handle and prepare data for analysis, as well as how to construct visualizations for data exploration. Finally, you’ll learn how to leverage your data abilities to tell a data-driven story.In collaboration withkaggleDurationApproximately 4 monthsTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisitesTo be successful in this program, you need to have prior experience dealing with data in Python (particularly NumPy and Pandas) and SQL.InstructorsJosh Bernhard, Sebastian Thrun, Derek Steer, Juno Lee, Mike Yi, David Venturi and Sam NelsonCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


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Intro to Programming


About the courseLearn the fundamentals of programming with HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript with this best Udacity course. Extensive practice with hands-on activities and projects that demonstrate your understanding of coding concepts and boost your confidence in your ability to reason and solve problems like a coder.In collaboration withNoneDurationApproximately 4 months courseTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisitesNo Coding Experience Needed to pursue this best course on Udacity
 InstructorsKarl Krueger, Kelly Howard, Julia Van Cleve, Abe Feinberg, James Parkes and Richard KalehoffCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


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Digital Marketing


About the courseLearn how to develop marketing material, leverage social media to spread your message, make your content searchable, conduct ad campaigns, and promote on Facebook. In addition, learn how to use display and video advertisements and how to promote via email and monitor and improve using Google Analytics.In collaboration withGoogle, Hootsuite, Hubspot, MailChimp, MOZ and facebookDurationApproximately 3 months courseTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisitesNo experience is required to pursue this best course on Udacity.InstructorsAnke Audenaert, Daniel Kob and Julia AspinalCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


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Self-Driving Car Engineer


About the courseIn this class, you will discover the strategies that enable self-driving automobiles throughout the whole stack of a vehicle’s autonomous capabilities. You will teach the car to recognize and identify its surroundings to inform navigation by using Deep Learning with radar and lidar sensor fusion.In collaboration withWAYMO, Mercedes-BenzDurationApproximately 5 months best Udacity Nanodegree courseTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisites

  1. Know to create object-oriented programs in any programming language (preferably Python or C++).
  2. Know to calculate integrals and derivatives of polynomial functions.
  3. Knowledge of how to multiply matrices and comprehend linear algebra-related concepts.
  4. Determine a dataset’s mean, median, and standard deviation.
  5. How is force on point mass modelled.

InstructorsThomas Hossler, Antje Muntzinger, Andreas Haja, Aaron Brown, Munir Jojo Verge, Mathilde Badoual and David SilverCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


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b. Some Udacity Exclusive Courses

Best Course on Udacity for Artificial Intelligence


About the courseLearn how to develop programs that use the fundamental AI algorithms that power everything from NASA’s Mars Rover to DeepMind’s AlphaGo Zero. You’ll learn Beam Search and Random Hill Climbing, as well as Bayes Networks and Hidden Markov Models.In collaboration withNoneDuration of best Udacity Nanodegree course3 months courseTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisites

  1. Knowledge of linear algebra and calculus is required to pursue this best Udacity Course.

  2. The capacity to use fundamental probability and statistics.
  3. Python programming knowledge is required.
  4. Some knowledge of computer science algorithms and object-oriented programming.
  5. The capability of running programs and interpreting output from a command line terminal or shell.
  6. Access to a computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux with Python 3.4 or later installed, as well as administrative privileges to install new applications.

InstructorsPeter Norvig, Sebastian Thrun and Thad StarnerCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


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Udacity Certification Courses for Deep Learning


About the courseLearn about neural networks and how to implement them with the deep learning framework PyTorch. Construct convolutional networks for image recognition, recurrent networks for sequence creation, and generative adversarial networks for picture production, as well as learn how to deploy models that can be accessed via a website.In collaboration withaws, facebook artificial intelligenceDurationApproximately 4 months courseTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisitesThis program is designed for students interested in machine learning, AI, and/or deep learning and who have a basic working understanding of Python programming. Aside from the Python need, it’s a fairly user-friendly tool.InstructorsMat Leonard, Luis Serrano, Cezanne Camacho, Alexis Cook, Jennifer Staab, Sean Carrell, Ortal Arel, Jay Alammar and Daniel Jiang.CertificateYesPaid/FreePaid best Udacity Nanodegree course



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Best Udacity Course on Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer


About the courseYou’ll study the fundamental ideas needed to design and build flying robots. You’ll use the quadrotor test platform and our bespoke flight simulator to build planning, control, and estimate solutions.In collaboration withNoneDuration4 MonthsTypeBest Udacity Nanodegree course



  • Mathematics and Programming
  • Significant programming experience in any language
  • Python programming knowledge at the intermediate level or a willingness to learn
  • Intermediate-level C++ programming expertise is required, or a desire to learn is required (including knowledge of memory allocation, classes, and references)
  • Linear algebra fundamentals
  • Theorem (derivatives and integrals)
  • Statistics and probability (mean, variance, and probability distributions)
  • Fundamental Physics (basic mechanics including knowledge of kinematics, dynamics, and torque)

Instructors of these Udacity Certification CoursesNicholas Roy, Angela Schoelling, Sebastian Thrun, Raffaello D’Andrea, Sergei Lupashin, Jake Lussier, Andy BrownCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


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Intro to Self-Driving Cars


About this best course on UdacityThis curriculum will help you improve your Python abilities, study C++, use matrices and calculus in programming, and learn about computer vision and machine learning. These ideas will be used to solve difficulties with self-driving cars. So you’ll be ready for our Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program at the end of this top Udacity Courses.In collaboration withNoneDuration4 Months best Udacity CourseTypeBest Udacity Nanodegree course



  • Programming and Mathematics
  • Some programming knowledge (writing small scripts in any programming language) and mathematics are essential.
  • You should feel comfortable reading and editing the code you are given, although it is fine if addressing problems in code remains difficult.


InstructorSebastian Thrun, Andy Brown, Cezanne Camacho, Andrew Paster, Anthony Navarro, Elecia White, Tarin ZiyaeeCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


Machine Learning Engineer


About the top Udacity CoursesYou will have the ability to build and deploy machine learning models in production using Amazon SageMaker, after taking this one of Udacity most popular courses.In collaboration withawsDuration5 MonthsTypeNanodegree ProgramPrerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of the machine learning workflow
  • Fundamental theoretical understanding of machine learning methods such as linear regression, logistic regression, and neural networks
  • Basic knowledge of model training and testing procedures
  • Basic understanding of frequently used metrics for evaluating ML models, such as accuracy, precision, recall, and mean square error (MSE)

InstructorMatt Maybeno, Joseph Nicolls, Charles Landau, Soham Chatterjee, Bradford TuckfieldCertificateYesPaid/FreePaid


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Robotics Software Engineer


About the courseBegin your journey into the realm of robotics software engineering with a practical, system-focused approach to programming robots in C++ and the ROS framework. Furthermore, study and use robotics software engineering methods including localization, mapping, and navigation.In collaboration withNoneDuration4 MonthsTypeBest Udacity Nanodegree coursePrerequisites

  • Mathematics and Programming


  • Knowledge of any object-oriented programming language, particularly C++, is required.
  • Probability in the Middle
  • Calculus II: Intermediate

  • Linear Algebra (Intermediate)
  • Linux Command Lines Fundamentals

InstructorSebastian Thrun, David Silver, Karim Chamaa, Julia Chernushevich


CertificateYesPaid/FreePaid top Udacity courses


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c. Best Udacity Programs in Different Categories

Artificial Intelligence

Some use the word “artificial intelligence” synonymous to robots that can show “cognitive” processes associated with humanmind, such as “learning” and “problem-solving.”

But in all fairness, this definition isn’t universally accepted.


Learners around the globe well appreciate the top Udacity courses for AI. Find the best one for yourself from the below mentioned Udacity most popular courses:

Udacity Certification Courses for AI


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Autonomous Systems

An autonomous system (AS) is a collection of linked Internet Protocol (IP) routing prefixes controlled by one or more network operators on behalf of a single administrative organization or domain that presents a unified and well-defined routing policy to the Internet.


Udacity provides the best AS courses for students all around the world. Choose from some of the top Udacity courses listed below:


Best Udacity Programs for Autonomous Systems

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User research, design, distribution, analysis, and strategy are used to fulfil today’s commercial objectives. Whether you’re just starting out or want to further your career, Udacity’s School of Business can help you lay the groundwork.

Udacity offers the most sought-after business courses to students from all around the world. Choose from the top Udacity courses for you from the selection of courses below:


Udacity Certification Courses for Business


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Cloud Computing Udacity Most Popular Courses

Today, all businesses, large and small, are using cloud computing to help them with their digital transformation. Because of the advancement of this technology, there is a high need for cloud computing jobs ranging from Cloud Developers and Cloud DevOps to more specialist roles such as Solutions Architects and Cloud Security Engineers.

Udacity provides students from all around the world with the most sought-after cloud computing courses. Choose the best udacity course for yourself from the courses listed below:

Cloud Computing Udacity Certification Courses


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Cybersecurity is the technique of guarding against digital assaults on systems, networks, and programs. These cyberattacks are often intended to gain access to, change, or delete sensitive information; extort money from users, or disrupt routine corporate activities.
Implementing effective cybersecurity safeguards is more difficult nowadays since there are more gadgets than humans, and attackers are becoming more creative.
Learn cybersecurity with Udacity. Read more about the Udacity most popular courses offered under best Udacity courses.
Best Udacity Programs to Learn Cybersecurity Tactics


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Top Udacity Courses on Data Science

Develop your knowledge of data processing, visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science. You may start or enhance a successful data career with the skills you gain in this best Udacity Nanodegree program.
Begin learning important skills as soon as possible, establish a project portfolio to illustrate your ability, and seek advice from mentors, peers, and experts in the industry. Udacity provides five distinct programs to help you advance your career in data science.


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Learn Programming with These Best Udacity Nanodegree Courses

Computer programming is creating an executable computer program to achieve a given computational result or to execute a specified activity.


Programming entails analysis, algorithm generation, algorithm accuracy, and resource usage assessment, and algorithm implementation in a selected programming language.


Programming is an essential talent in today’s economy, and competent developers are in short supply. Whether you’re new to coding, want to improve your abilities, or want to further your career, 10 hours a week will get you ready for your dream developer job.

Get the best Udacity courses on programming:


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Product management is an organizational role inside a corporation that deals with new product creation, business rationale, planning, verification, forecasting, pricing, product launch, and marketing at all product life cycle phases.
Udacity’s School of Product Management can provide you with these abilities by assisting you in gaining experience in the business, design, and technology domains through hands-on, industry-relevant projects and mentor feedback. Know more about the top Udacity courses by visiting the annexed links.
Udacity Most Popular Courses for Management


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d. Are All The Best Udacity Courses Paid? – Of Course Not!

Some of the best free courses on Udacity are:

Cloud Native Application Development Course

LevelIntermediateDurationApproximately 1 monthIn collaboration withSUSE


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LevelIntermediateDurationApproximately 1 monthIn collaboration withNUTANIX


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Intro to Cloud Computing

LevelBeginner level best Udacity courseDurationApproximately 2 monthsIn collaboration withNone


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Artificial Intelligence of Things

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 2 monthsIn collaboration withBOSCH, AioT


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Artificial Intelligence Top Udacity Courses – AI Fundamentals

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 4 monthsIn collaboration withGeorgia Tech


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AWS Machine Learning Foundations

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 2 months courseIn collaboration withaws


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Intro to Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 2 months courseIn collaboration withMicrosoft Azure


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Free AI Course – Learn AI with Azure Fundamentals

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 1 month courseIn collaboration withMicrosoft Azure


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Linear Algebra Refresher Course

LevelIntermediate levelDurationApproximately 4 months courseIn collaboration withNone


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Intro to Artificial Intelligence

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 4 months courseIn collaboration withNone


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Intro to Data Science

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 2 months courseIn collaboration withNone


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Product Design

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 2 months best Udacity CourseIn collaboration withGoogle


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How to Start a Startup

LevelIntermediate level courseDurationApproximately 3 weeks courseIn collaboration withGoogle


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Free Courses Continued…


Know more about the Udacity most popular courses by visiting the Udacity website today.


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