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In the Midwest of America lies the home of Chicago which is most popular for having the best food and loyal sports fans. Nothing screams America more than those two things. However, Illinois is also known for many other amazing things, one of them being golf. It’s very apparent by now that golf in America is truly a spectacle and Illinois is no exception. So, with that said let us check out the best golf courses in Illinois.

The Best Golf Courses in Illinois

These are our picks for the 8 best golf courses in Illinois. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Stonewall Orchard Golf Club

Best Golf Courses in Illinois

Located in Grayslake is the famous Stonewall Orchard Golf Club. Arthur Hills, a renowned architect gave it his all when designing this golf course. This comes as no surprise seeing that he has an impressive portfolio of award-winning golf course designs. The gorgeous natural rolling landscape with beautiful pine and oak trees is a truly magnificent sight for the eyes. Nothing screams nature more than this golf course which is why it’s one of the best golf courses in Illinois.

Stonewall Orchard Golf Club Course Details

Par72Length7124 yardsSlope Rating150Course Rating75.0Course Details

Stonewall Orchard Golf Club Green Fees

DayRatesWeekdays$68Weekends$83For more information on green fees please visit

2. Mistwood Golf Club

Best Golf Courses in Illinois

Located in Romeoville is a public course with a private experience. Given the name Mistwood Golf Club, this club has definitely proved its worth as one of the greatest courses in the area. First and foremost, the course was designed by Ray Hearn who managed to bring a unique and refreshing vibe to a golf course that many have said brings a feeling of Scotland. Apart from that, the course has been selected as ‘Best New Course’ by Golf Magazine. A public course of this calibre is unheard of.

Mistwood Golf Club Course Details

Par72Length7005 yardsSlope Rating144Course Rating74.7Course Details

Mistwood Golf Club Green Fees

DayRatesWeekdays$45 – $65Weekends$45 – $65For more information on green fees please visit

3. Turtle Run Golf Club

Best Golf Courses in Illinois

Located in Danville is Turtle Run Golf Club. Jim Spears designed the course in 1970 with four sets of tee lengths for golfers of all levels. The course showcases only the best natural landscape in all of Central Illinois, not to mention that the grounds are extremely well-crafted and well-maintained. Truly one of the most challenging yet fun golf experiences to be had. Plus, the facilities available at the club make it impossible to get bored.

Turtle Run Golf Club Course Details

Par72Length6771 yardsSlope Rating127Course Rating72.1Course Details

Turtle Run Golf Club Green Fees

DayRatesWeekdays$12 – $42Weekends$12 – $42For more information on green fees please visit

4. Prairie Landing Golf Club

Best golf courses in Illinois Prairie Landing

Located in West Chicago is another public course called Prairie Landing Golf Club. This well-maintained course offers greens and fairways that are in constant tip-top shape. Although the course can be slightly challenging, the landscape itself makes all the effort worthwhile. This is a testament to how great Robert Trent Jones Jr. designs are given the fact that he does not skimp on the difficulty aspect of a golf course. Definitely, worth a try for those looking to put their golfing skills to the test.

Prairie Landing Golf Club Course Details

Par72Length6950 yardsSlope Rating136Course Rating73.2Course Details

Prairie Landing Golf Club Green Fees

DayRatesWeekdays$50 – $75Weekends$60 – $95For more information on green fees please visit

5. ThunderHawk Golf Club

Best golf courses in Illinois ThunderHawk

Located in Beach Park is one of the finest public courses named ThunderHawk Golf Club. The course was born in 1999 and was designed by yet again Robert Trent Jones Jr. meaning you can expect only good things from this course. For starters, this scenic course has been recognized by the Audubon Society as a Signature Sanctuary Course. Plus, the course is loads of fun with the right amount of challenge so every single golfer can enjoy a great time without getting bored or pissed. Definitely a golf course you’ll come back to.

ThunderHawk Golf Club Course Details

Par72Length7031 yardsSlope Rating141Course Rating74.2Course Details

ThunderHawk Golf Club Green Fees

DayRatesWeekdays$39 – $62Weekends$37 – $77For more information on green fees please visit

6. TPC Deere Run

Best golf courses in Illinois TPC Deere Run

Located in Silvis is perhaps the most popular golf course in Illinois called TPC Deere Run. Designed by none other than D.A Weibring, the course offers a unique golfing experience along with the most picturesque views of the Mid-Mississippi River Valley while staying in line with PGA Tour’s standards. Now, that is a golf course that you don’t come across often. Plus, many professional golfers have been humbled by the course during the John Deere Classic held each year. If you’re up for the challenge, then you should definitely give this course a try.

TPC Deere Run Course Details

Par71Length7066 yardsSlope Rating142Course Rating74.8Course Details

TPC Deere Run Green Fees

DayRatesWeekdays$75 – $119Weekends$75 – $135For more information on green fees please visit

7. Butler National Golf Club

Best golf courses in Illinois Butler National Golf Club

Located in Oak Brook is an exclusive membership-only golf club known as Butler National. This traditional 18-hole golf course offers more than what meets the eye. Despite its obvious beauty and is easy on the eyes, the course has a reputation that trumps everything else. Having hosted the Wester Open Tournament numerous times before, you would be crazy to not give this course a chance. Plus, a number of big-name golfers from Jack Nicklaus to Hale Irwan have had the chance to walk the course and experience it first-hand. Thus, the course is a must for those who are huge golf fanatics.

Butler National Golf Club Course Details

Par71Length7523 yardsSlope Rating152Course Rating78.1Course Details

Butler National Golf Club Green Fees

DayRatesWeekdays$325 – $360Weekends$325 – $360For more information on green fees please visit

8. Blackstone Golf Club

Best Golf Courses in Illinois

Located in Marengo is a golf course like none other in Blackstone Golf Club. The course offers a thrilling and classic experience for golfers of any skill level. Bob Lohmann is no amateur when it comes to designing golf courses. In this case, he is a master of the craft. Every hole is deliberately placed in the most strategic way possible making it as challenging as it is visually pleasing. There is no doubt that this course is loads of fun and is among the best public golf courses in illinois.

Blackstone Golf Club Course Details

Par72Length6734 yardsSlope Rating140Course Rating73.1Course Details

Blackstone Golf Club Green Fees

DayRatesWeekdays$33 – $65Weekends$49 – $87For more information on green fees please visit

Summary of Best Golf Courses in Illinois

There you have it! These are the best golf courses in Illinois that we’ve managed to unravel so you don’t have to. We certainly hope you found at least one of these Illinois golf courses enticing and perhaps you may even plan on giving it a try. If so, we wish you the best of luck, and most importantly, have fun golfing!

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