Best Golf Courses In Massachusetts | GolfNow

History plays a large role when it comes to golf in Massachusetts. Courses throughout the state have distinctive layouts that have been around for multiple decades. Located near the shoreline of Massachusetts is one of the most recognized golf courses in the state – Old Sandwich Golf Club. This golf club is dedicated to maintaining the rich heritage of New England Golf. Not too far from Old Sandwich is Farm Neck Golf Club, a course that provides a true seaside game of golf. On the opposite side of the state, Taconic Golf Club, in Western Massachusetts, is a favorable course that offers spectacular scenery and pristine playing conditions. Taconic Golf Club is home to the golf team at Williams College and is consistently ranked among the top college courses. Whether you’re a city golfer, seaside golfer, or enjoy golfing amidst Mother Nature, Massachusetts won’t disappoint with its selection of golf courses.