Best Golfing in Mammoth Lakes: Simple Tips for Recreational Golfers | 1849 Mountain Rentals

Golf. Next, to baseball, it might be America’s quintessential relaxation sport. And what better place to hit the greens than the foothills of America’s grand California mountains?

Mammoth Mountain holds some pristine golf treasures. When you stay at one of our welcoming and cozy Mammoth Mountain vacation rentals, you can join the many other visitors out on the pastoral greens playing the days away. Here we cover the best places to play golf in and around Mammoth, as well as the top tips to learn the game quick.

Golfing shot Sierra Star Golf Course in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Sierra Star Golf Course

Sierra Star is the defining golf course in Mammoth. It’s utterly captivating layout and enthralling backdrop makes it a joy for even non-golf lovers. Sierra Star is open to the public, though it has seasonal opening dates, typically from June to October.

Golf season passes provide you access to the epic emerald greens, as designed by pioneer Cal Olson. You can also enjoy the spectacle of the rolling hills, with numerous narrow tree-lined fairways for that added challenge.

The course is made up of a mix between rye and bluegrass, with the highest hole resting at a mesmerizing 8,050 feet. This 18-hole par 70 golf course is a crowning achievement, and undoubtedly the most acclaimed golf treasure in the Mammoth area.

Sierra Star is located at Sierra Star Golf Course 2001 Sierra Star Pkwy. The season peaks in mid-July, so book your tee times online prior to your trip.

Overview shot of Snowcreek Resort Golf Course in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Snowcreek Resort

While Sierra Star may be the biggest and most popular golf course in and around Mammoth Lakes, Snowcreek Resort actually beat them to the punch. This is the first golf course in Mammoth. It offers a dazzling and panoramic experience across 9 holes between the Sherwin and Mammoth Mountain Ranges. The resort is open to the public and is rated at par 35, playing at 3,306 yards.

The course is a certain challenge. Fine streams and water hazards coat the greens. Gear rentals and seasonal passes are available for avid golfers. The general public can play 9 holes for $65, with seniors 60 and over at $60.

Golf Tips, Tricks, and Things to Know

You can spend your entire season improving your game at Snowcreek Resort and knocking back ball after ball on all 18 holes of the Sierra Star Golf Course. But you won’t get very far if you don’t know the bare essentials of playing the game in Northern California.

If you want to know how to play golf for beginners, you always have to start with the most important part of the whole game: the swing.

As you try to nail your golf swing for beginners, you have to focus on your alignment. In other words, aim- and aim straight!

This is the one key part of your swing that takes precedence over anything else: the weather, the strength of the hit, everything. You have to focus on your aim. A solid stance and a straight alignment will benefit you immensely. A good golf swing will require a solid stance, incorporating a nice straight frame, tight balance, and widened legs.

So what about the actual swing part of the golf swing? This is where things can get a little difficult, but never forget to maintain a straight alignment and a dead aim as you swing.

Firstly, you want to keep your grip consistent and strong. Practice holding your golf club in the proper way, which includes one hand, then the other, along the top of the club. Your swing should always start in your hips. Your hips will control your strength and will be key for landing that perfect shot.

If you can master the three most basic techniques of swinging, you are bound to look at least decent on the California courses.

  • Aim straight
  • Keep a tight alignment
  • Swing with your hips

Of course, there’s so much more to learn! But the only way you can really improve your golf game is by getting out there and swinging on the greens. Contact us today to book your golf vacation to Mammoth. Make it the golf adventure of a lifetime, nestled tight between the California mountains.