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Best Guaranteed Auto Loans for Bad Credit in 2022

It is now more crucial than ever to have dependable transportation. Whether you are going to work, picking up your kids from school, or going grocery shopping, you will need the independence of your vehicle to get things done.

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, you should consider a variety of buying options, the most trustworthy of which is an auto loan. But, what if you have a poor or subprime credit rating? You will encounter a lot of double-digit APRs and get rejected outright, so it will take some time and patience to find a good deal if you have a bad credit score.

Fortunately, we have come to your aid. In this article, you will learn about the top websites that offer guaranteed auto loans with bad credit. You will still notice high APRs, but because of our research, your alternatives have substantially expanded. So, let us get started.

Our Top Picks of the Best Guaranteed Auto Financing with Bad Credit

  1. Funds Joy: Guaranteed Auto Loans With Bad Credit, No Money
  2. Auto Credit Express: Guaranteed Loans with Bad Credit
  3. myAutoloan: Auto Loans for New, Used & Refinancing
  4. Bad Credit Loans for Cars
  5. RoadLoans: Lender for Bad Credit Car Loans

#1. Funds Joy: Guaranteed Auto Loans With Bad Credit, No Money

FundsJoy, a newly established financial institution has created a buzz on the market with their over the top services in providing financial assistance to people who are in dire need of money and are looking for credit score improvement opportunities. 

The goal of is to connect you with a network of reputable lenders quickly. They are not lenders; instead, they provide a free platform for you to submit a finance request and be linked with a financial source. 

They don’t lend money, they don’t help you communicate with lenders, and they don’t represent or promote any one lender’s services. You are not obligated to utilize FundsJoy’s website, provide personal information, or accept a loan offer from a third-party lender.

In case of auto loans, FundsJoy will connect you with payday lenders who have an option for loan renewal. Loan renewals are based on your current salary or monthly income. The income decides your capacity to repay the loan amount on a monthly basis.


  • Zero Down Payment

In order to get eligible for the loan from the direct lenders, one can choose direct lenders who require no down payments to take the application process further. This relieves the person lending fast cash from any type of miscellaneous or hidden charges to be imposed on them. This in turn also reduces the loan cost overall, and eventually the monthly repayment amount gets reduced. 

  • Ease Of Access

Ease of access here means the compatibility of the website to adapt with new users. A website should be in such a way that new people easily find what they are looking for. The FundsJoy website is designed in a similar fashion, to cater to new people and help them find their ideal online payday lender. 

  • Secured Website

The entire FundsJoy website is 256 bit secured which means all the personal information entered during the filling of application form does not get saved with FundsJoy at any point. They only collect identifiable information for loan purposes.  


  • Loans available in case of bankruptcy and auto renewals as well
  • FundsJoy provides wide range of direct lenders
  • Electronic signature for co-signers available as well


  • Loan application approval does not guarantee direct lender match
  • APR rates maybe higher than usual

Customer Experience

Overall customer satisfaction of FundsJoy has been great by providing exceptional services and over the top after sale services. The FundsJoy refinancing application process is comparable to that of an auto loan buy-in in that it is straightforward and quick to complete. The company is also dedicated to offering the best possible service to its clients. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of FundsJoy

#2. Auto Credit Express: Guaranteed Loans with Bad Credit


In 1999, Auto Credit Express was established, and now, they are a part of the Internet Brands Automotive Group, which is North America’s largest network of car-buying and finance resources. They are the biggest provider of new and used automobile bad credit loans in the United States and Canada.

In the event you have a poor credit score or no credit, or if you have been turned down in the past due to bankruptcy, Auto Credit Express’ mission is to help you obtain financing and purchase a vehicle from a trustworthy dealer. As a result of Auto Credit Express, consumers who have credit concerns can finance and buy a new or used car while restoring their credit.

They take pleasure in assisting first-time buyers, those with credit concerns such as delinquencies and repossessions, and those with bankruptcy discharges in obtaining financing for new or late-model vehicles. However, to qualify, you must be at least 18 years old, have a monthly salary of at least $1,500, and be a resident of the United States or Canada, according to the corporation. A full-time job or another stable source of income might also improve your chances of being approved.


  • No Down Payment

You may be able to acquire a loan with a lender who wants little or no down payment on a car loan through Auto Credit Express. However, keep in mind the more money you put down on a car, the less money you will need to borrow. In addition, a reduced loan amount may result in lower monthly payments and total interest paid. So, it is probably well worth it if you can put down more.

  • Loan Details

One of the greatest marketplaces for bad credit loans or no credit vehicle loans is Auto Credit Express. They provide a variety of solutions and assist consumers with low credit ratings, prior bankruptcies, and specific financing requirements.

The company also offers refinancing choices, although they may have stricter credit criteria than purchasing options. Borrowers with bad credit can still get refinance loans, but they must meet certain criteria.

Because Auto Credit Express has a large network of lenders to choose from, customers can choose between regular vehicle loan refinancing and cash-out auto refinancing, depending on the lenders available. Auto Credit Express features several articles and blog posts that explain when and why refinancing an auto loan is a good idea.


  • Loans available to those with bad credit, a bankruptcy, or other unfavorable credit occurrences
  • Wide range of possibilities with a number of different lenders and dealers
  • No hard credit check until you choose a loan and proceed with the lender
  • Co-signers are permitted


  • Since they specialize in consumers with bad credit, most loans have high APRs
  • You may be limited to a single dealer
  • May receive calls or emails from different lenders

Customer Experience

There are almost 1,000 authentic customer reviews on their website, and they make it a point to put in extra effort for their consumers to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The refinancing application process on Auto Credit Express is similar to that of an auto loan buy-in, as it is simple and quick to complete. The organization is also committed to providing its customers with the best possible services.

=> Click here to get more information on Auto Credit Express

#3. myAutoloan: Auto Loans for New, Used & Refinancing


When you apply for a loan with myAutoloan, the company sends your application to up to 20 lenders. In spite of the fact the company’s website promises four proposals within minutes, myAutoloan’s partners may take longer to evaluate your application.

While casting a broad net will help you locate the best rate, sharing your information with a big number of lenders means you may receive calls from many dealers and lenders vying for your business. You may examine rates with myAutoloan using a soft credit draw, which has no impact on your credit score. Its partner lenders will perform a soft or hard pull when approving your application, and a rigorous credit pull will only drop your credit score marginally.

To help borrowers, myAutoloan offers a variety of additional products, features, and services. A loan and payment calculator, a rate estimator, a downloadable report on boosting your credit, a dictionary of financial terms, and loan-related articles are among the free car financing services available on the website. You may also acquire vehicle insurance rates and access additional car-buying tools from myAutoloan partners.


  • Credit Profiles

To qualify for a loan, applicants must have a FICO credit score of 575 or above. However, it may be easier to qualify for the best interest rates and loan terms if you have a good credit score. If you have a bad credit history, you might want to consider applying with a co-signer who has a good credit history. Applying with a co-signer who has stronger credit may help you get accepted faster and with more favorable terms.

It is critical to evaluate multiple lenders while looking for a loan for bad credit before making a final decision. Keep in mind that lenders outside of the myAutoloan network might be able to provide you with better interest rates and terms.

  • Fast Application Process

MyAutoloan uses a gentle credit inquiry to match you with up to four lenders once you finish the online application. This has no bearing on your credit score, but once you have chosen a lender, it may conduct a hard credit inquiry as part of the processing and finalization of your loan conditions, which could temporarily lower it.

You might get a check within 24 hours of signing the agreement if you are accepted and satisfied with the lender’s offer. You can either take your check to the dealership or the seller of your choosing, or you can use it to refinance your current auto loan.


  • Consult a selection of lenders for rates
  • Co-signers are permitted
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Quick application procedure


  • Vehicle restrictions are in place
  • Lenders will call you many times

Customer Experience

The organization has a positive reputation for customer service and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. More feedback has been provided by customers on Trustpilot, where the company has a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating based on over 650 reviews. The majority of the feedback is positive, and users claim the loan application process is straightforward and quick.

Many clients have stated they have received acceptable loan offers, and customers can be matched with a large number of loan offers with minimal paperwork using a loan aggregation service like

=> Click here to get more information on myAutoloan

#4.  Bad Credit Loans for Cars

3iQ1udl5z7tl e6Nbjn70E7NvZyPaeu8L YMd2Yskr1Un8STnrZd is an internet lending platform that connects car purchasers with auto lenders and dealers who may be able to help people with bad credit get auto financing. It is an internet service that can assist you in locating a loan that meets your requirements. Your loan requests and personal information may be shared with up to five lenders and dealers as part of the procedure. Additionally, there are higher chances for bad credit loans guaranteed approval on

After you submit your application, you should receive a phone call within 24 hours, if not minutes. The organization does all of the homework for you in terms of securing a loan, which can be difficult to do on your own, especially if you have bad credit. will assist you in arranging a meeting with a finance manager at one of the dealerships in your region, so you may go to the dealership, select a vehicle, and finish the paperwork.

It does not limit borrowers to specific types or makes of vehicles, and it also has no restrictions based on the vehicle’s age. Cars must be ten years old or newer for many lenders, but and its affiliates do not impose these restrictions on their borrowers.


  • Application Process

With everything being so streamlined these days, the application takes about three minutes to complete, and shortly after that, you will receive up to four loan options. All you need to get started is your name, email, phone number, and date of birth to get pre-qualified. Once you have been pre-qualified, you may head to a participating dealership and start shopping right away.

  • Competitive Interest Rates

According to Experian, customers with non-prime credit have an average loan rate on a used automobile of 10.13%. Interest rates for people with bad credit are much higher, at 16.40% for a used car. Because interest rates start as low as 2.99% APR for new car purchases and great credit, auto loans might enable consumers with credit scores in these areas to outperform the average.


  • Works with those who have varying levels of credit
  • Those with bankruptcies and repossessions are accepted
  • Free to use service
  • No mileage limits


  • Only a web form available to contact customer support
  • Site does not have a lot of information on it

Customer Experience is a reputable online lender with a long list of satisfied customers. Although the highest APRs available are quite high, consumers with poor credit should not anticipate that they would be immediately assigned to an inflated interest rate. They have associate lenders all around the country, which explains the wide range of interest rates.

If you do not have a credit score because you are new to the financial world, or if your credit score is low due to missed payments or bankruptcy, will help you discover a lender and a dealership that will work with you.

#5. RoadLoans: Lender for Bad Credit Car Loans

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RoadLoans is an online direct lending company based out of Santander Consumer USA. RoadLoans auto financing is only available through their dealer network. Although RoadLoans has a worldwide network of over 14,000 dealers, your purchasing options may be limited depending on where you live.

It provides online car loans with no credit checks, which may be appealing to customers with bad credit. RoadLoans has two main products — new and used car loans. They also offer refinancing of existing car loans. A fixed-term loan can be used to purchase a new car from a dealership, and users can also get a term loan on a used car they bought from a dealership. This vehicle, however, must have less than 120,000 miles on it and be less than nine years old.

To borrow money from RoadLoans, applicants must meet specific requirements. However, there are no credit criteria with this lender. To qualify, applicants must be residents of one of the following states: Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Mississippi, or Nevada. Applicants must also be at least 18 years old and earn at least $1,800 per month.


  • Shop Like a Cash Buyer

On the RoadLoans website, you can apply for pre-approval. If you have been pre-approved, you may receive various loan offers that include the loan conditions and APR you have been conditionally approved for, as well as recommended dealerships within the lender’s network. These deals are only valid for 30 days, and if you accept an offer and are formally authorized, you can bring your loan documentation to the dealership and shop as if you were paying cash.

  • No Credit Requirements

The main advantage of a RoadLoans auto loan is that it does not require a credit check. If you fulfill the minimum income requirements and live in a state that allows these loans, you can get a loan regardless of your credit score. As a result, borrowers with terrible credit who need to finance a vehicle might consider RoadLoans. In addition, certain fees, like late fees and prepayment fees, are not charged by RoadLoans.


  • Various loan possibilities
  • Considers people with various credit scores
  • Shop as if you were a cash buyer


  • Not offered in some states
  • Vehicle age and mileage limitations

Customer Experience

Their customer support is excellent, and they offer a toll-free number as well as online chat alternatives. Customers have said the customer service team is very kind and helpful and they explain everything about the loan promptly. Additionally, they have also raved about how professional and pleasant their experience was buying a car from RoadLoans. Users have specifically remarked how straightforward the RoadLoans bad credit auto financing application process was, and that they work with those with bad credit. Moreover, they did not have to answer a million questions or have their credit report pulled by 20 different creditors.

#5. Buy-Here-Pay-Here-Lots: Hassle-Free Bad Credit Auto Financing

Buy-Here-Pay-Here-Lot dealerships not only sell cars, but they also serve as a bank by offering in-house financing, which is often for buyers with weak credit. Customers make car payments directly to the dealership, which might result in higher interest rates than other loan choices. They are not like typical dealerships, which seek financing from potential lenders and have customers make payments to a third party.

Because they are effectively a financial corporation, Buy-Here-Pay-Here lots are subject to stronger regulations. Therefore, any BHPH lot that does not adhere to state and federal standards and regulations will not last long.

For example, all BHPH dealerships will be required to adhere to the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), which compels the dealer/financier to publish the final cash price, the amount borrowed, as well as other pertinent information to enable the consumer to shop and compare.

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, state usury laws, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act are among the other rules and regulations.


  • In-House Financing

The ability to purchase and set up loan payments in one location is the most evident feature of BHPH dealerships. Rather than obtaining an auto loan through a bank or another third party, you will be able to complete all of your transactions at the dealership.

Your payment schedule will be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and using an auto loan calculator, you can estimate your monthly payment. Your BHPH dealer will often be able to match your pay dates with your employment to make it as simple as possible for you to make on-time payments and improve your credit score.

  • Return Policy

When you buy a car from a private seller, you forfeit your right to return it if you are not satisfied (along with a host of other buyer securities). When you buy a car from a BHPH auto dealership, on the other hand, you have a limited time to test drive and return it.

Every vehicle purchased at a BHPH location comes with a complete 48-hour return period. Before signing any paperwork, make sure you go over this information with your dealer. Overall, the policy of no-return raises red flags.


  • No credit or employment history requirements
  • Accepts older trade-ins
  • No down payment requirements
  • Simple process


  • Interest rates are extremely high
  • Many of these loans do not appear on your credit report and, thus, do not improve your credit score

Customer Experience

BHPH often equips its customers to shop with the confidence of a cash buyer, knowing exactly how much they can spend, the interest rate, and the length of their loan, allowing them to focus on obtaining a great deal on a vehicle. If you are looking for a buy here, pay here dealership, consider all of your financing alternatives, and work with a lender that gives customers control.

Factors We Considered While Choosing the Best Companies for Bad Credit Auto Loans

  • Loan Types

Used auto loans, lease buyouts, and cash refinancing should all be available through auto refinance firms and marketplaces, in addition to traditional car loan refinancing.

  • Interest Rate Range

The interest rate was used to calculate the cost of borrowing. The greater the interest rate, the more money you will have to pay back throughout the loan.

  • Fees

Some lenders, particularly those who specialize in low-credit-score loans, charge origination fees, administration costs, application fees, or other expenses. So, we looked for lenders who charged the fewest or no fees.

  • Qualification Requirements

Because credit ratings are so crucial when it comes to vehicle refinancing, we made sure our list included options for those with both good and bad credit.

  • Reputation

Companies had to be honest about their partners, loan offers, contracts, and probable rates, or they were immediately eliminated. So, we looked through the CFPB and FTC complaint databases to see whether there were any, and those who received the fewest complaints were included in our list.

  • Accessibility

We made sure businesses had a variety of communication options, such as live chat, phone calls, emails, and fillable request forms.

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Bad Credit Auto Financing Site

  • Interest Rate

One of the most significant aspects to consider is the rate of interest, as it will determine your monthly EMI outlay. Because the value fluctuates from bank to bank, it is a good idea to compare interest rate offerings from other banks to get a decent deal. A lower interest rate translates to a lower EMI and less interest to pay. You can also receive a good bargain if you keep your credit score in good shape. If you have favorable terms with the company, negotiating a good deal should be easy.

  • Processing Fee Charges

The processing fee is a percentage of your loan amount charged by the site to handle your loan, and it varies from company to company. Processing fees are frequently waived by several banks as part of special deals or discounts. When a bank waives your processing fees, be wary and double-check that no new fees or a higher interest rate have been added to compensate for the loss.

  • Down Payment

The margin amount paid by the borrower when acquiring an automobile is referred to as a down payment. Although a lesser down payment is more cost-effective, it results in higher EMIs and a longer loan term. Nowadays, car loans are available for up to 100% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price. While this may appear to be a terrific and appealing option, it will require you to pay larger EMIs to pay off the debt. So, when looking for a car loan, attempt to save up for a down payment so your EMIs are cheaper. You should also choose a shorter term to save money on interest.

Considerations Before Applying for an Auto Loan

It is natural to feel compelled to buy a car as quickly as possible, especially since it can help you get a job faster and improve your credit score in the long run. But, it is crucial to be patient and do your research beforehand, evaluating your financial circumstances as well as loan and vehicle possibilities.

Before applying for a car loan, follow these five procedures.

  1. Check Your Credit Score

To offset the risk of lending you money, auto lenders who accept an applicant with a poor or no credit score will often charge a higher interest rate or have more expensive loan terms.

Your credit score is a summary of your credit history and creditworthiness that lenders use to decide where and on what terms they will approve you for a loan. To increase your credit score and lower the cost of your loan, check your credit score and credit history ahead of time and correct any inaccuracies. You should also try to catch up on late payments.

The most essential aspect of your credit score is your payment history, which accounts for 35% of your total score. Credit utilization (30%), length of credit history (15%), new credit (10%), and credit mix (10%) are other elements that contribute to your credit score.

Normally, you may check your credit report for free once a year, however, until April 20, 2022, each credit bureau is delivering free weekly credit reports due to Covid-19.

  1. Assess Your Income and Debt

Even if you have a bad credit score, lenders will assess your ability to repay a loan by comparing your monthly income to your monthly spending. They want to know if you can afford the new monthly auto payments on top of your other debt obligations.

This will assist the lender in determining whether or not to offer the auto loan, as well as how much interest, additional fees, or down payment is necessary to secure the loan. The larger the risk, the higher the loan fees will be.

So, before you apply for a loan or go car shopping, add up your monthly debt and subtract your monthly income to have a clearer picture of how much you can realistically afford to pay each month.

  1. Prove Personal Stability

Lenders look at how long you have been with your present work and at your current address in addition to your income and debt details. This shows them you are happy in your career and your current residence. Lenders evaluate your employment and residency to assess the risk you pose as a borrower. So, you may be required to provide evidence of address as well as multiple recent pay stubs to the lender.

  1. Consider a Down Payment

Even having a few hundred dollars to put down on a car will assist the lender in approving you for financing and lowering the upfront fees. However, it can be tough to have additional cash on hand when you are attempting to pay bills to improve your credit score.

When you make a down payment, this shows the dealer or seller you are serious about buying the automobile. In addition, it can reduce the overall size of the loan, upfront taxes and fees, your monthly payment, the term of the loan, and/or the interest rate, depending on how much you can put down.

  1. Know How Much You Can Afford

An auto dealer must upsell you on a car, so figure out how much you can afford before you start browsing. You should know better than anyone how much debt you can afford every month based on how much you spend versus how much you earn.

So, start performing internet research to see how much you will have to pay for car insurance, registration fees, parking, gas, property taxes, and other costs associated with having a vehicle after the loan is paid off.

Online Auto Loan Scams to Look Out For

In every manner, including banking, the internet has made doing business easier. Most consumers may use the internet to access their bank, pay payments, and even look for loan products. When looking for an online auto loan, though, it is crucial to be wary of the numerous internet scammers.

  • Credit Score Scams

The interest rate you will be offered for your loan will be determined by your credit score. One of the most typical scams is where the online lender tells you your credit score is lower than it actually is in an effort to boost the interest rate you are charged. Therefore, you must know what your credit score is directly from the credit reporting agencies.

  • Upfront Fees

Online auto loan offers that demand you to pay a charge upfront should be avoided at all costs. If you pay the charge, you will almost certainly never see the money again, and you will likely not be approved for the loan you are seeking. A legal lender will ask for a loan application and maybe a loan application fee, but no further expenses will be charged for securing the auto loan. If the company wants you to wire a percentage of the auto loan or down payment to an escrow account, it is almost certainly a fraud, and you should get out of there as soon as possible.

  • Guaranteed Loans

You should be wary of any online lender that offers assured acceptance. Guarantee approval is just a means to attract and target those who would otherwise be unable to purchase a vehicle due to their income or credit rating.

  • Identity Theft

Most loan applications ask for your social security number, name, address, phone number, and birth date, which gives a scam artist everything they need to steal your identity. Filling up an internet loan application should be approached with extreme caution. So, double-check the validity of the company with the Better Business Bureau or your local consumer protection organization. Look up the website address in a search engine to check if there are any warnings from other people who have been defrauded.

  • Requiring a Co-Signer

Some lenders will try to persuade you that having a co-signer is the only way to get approved for an online auto loan. Unfortunately, some unethical lenders may handle the loan in the name of the co-signer rather than yours, making it nearly hard for you to secure the vehicle or create credit with it. If you do include a co-signer, be sure both of your names appear on the application.

  • Changing the Terms

Occasionally, an online lender may tell you that you have been accepted and can drive away with the vehicle, only to phone you later to tell you the loan was denied due to your credit. The lender will then attempt to raise the interest rate in the hopes you will consent because you already own the vehicle. This con can be avoided easily by simply returning the vehicle and walking away with your deposit.

You can save time and money by applying for an auto loan online, but you should be aware of the hazards. So, know where you are applying before you give out any personal information, and be prepared to leave if something does not feel right.

FAQs: Car Loans

Q. What is the procedure for refinancing a car?

Gather all of the essential paperwork to refinance a vehicle loan, and then assess your credit history and vehicle details to see if refinancing is a good idea and if you qualify. Lenders will list their requirements on their websites, and some will even let you apply for pre-qualification. So, shop around and compare offers from other lenders before beginning the application process. When you have decided on the best one, fill out a formal application and wait for an offer from the lender. If your application is approved, you can complete the paperwork, pay off your former loan, and begin making payments to your new lender.

Q. Is it possible to acquire a loan with bad credit?

With bad credit, you can receive a car loan, but it will be more difficult. Credit scores are used by lenders to assess a borrower’s risk and set interest rates appropriately. Therefore, people with bad credit will pay more than those who have good or exceptional credit. and Auto Credit Express, for example, specialize in loans for customers with fair to low credit.

Q. How do auto loans work?

Loans for cars backed by collateral are repaid in equal monthly installments over a set length of time. In most cases, the vehicle you are buying is used as collateral, which means the lender has the right to confiscate the vehicle if you do not make your loan payments.

Q. When comparing bank and dealership auto loans, which is the better choice?

It is worthwhile to look for an auto loan at both banks and dealerships. Like banks, new car dealers and manufacturers can offer appealing credit programs. The interest rate provided by a car dealer can be as low as 0% or lower than the going rate supplied by banks, depending on the borrower’s credit score and market-driven factors.

It is crucial to keep dealership finance in mind, but before determining where to buy a car, make sure you look for auto financing. Know your credit score and look up the bank and other lender rates online. This should give you an idea of what to expect on the open market and help you decide whether seller financing is a better option for you.

Q. Is it possible to sell a car that has a car loan on it?

Yes, you can sell a car with a loan, but you will still have to pay off the debt. Trading in a car that is still funded is the simplest way to sell a car that is still financed. A car dealership is familiar with this type of transaction and can clear your title, allowing you to legally sell the automobile.

Q. What is the difference between a personal loan and an auto loan?

An auto loan can only be used to buy a new or used car, and the money is given to the seller. A personal loan, on the other hand, is placed into your bank account and can be used to consolidate debt, make home upgrades, or deal with financial emergencies at your leisure.

Conclusion: Should You Try for a Vehicle Loan if You Have Bad Credit?

Hopefully, this post has dispelled some of your misconceptions about vehicle loans. You have probably learned that getting guaranteed auto loans with bad credit is not quite as difficult as you might think. It is quick and easy, and you may compare different offers without having to run a hard credit check.

Our top recommendation would be Funds Joy or Auto Credit Express. because they are quite transparent on their policies and provide very low APRs to the users who have a bad credit score. But, look out for the scams we have mentioned to be safe while taking an auto loan.