Best Indian food near Schaumburg, Illinois, United States

Godavari Chicago is an Authentic South Indian Restaurant serving people in and around the Greater Chicago Area

Reviewed By jiyer2016

Food plays an important component of many Indian weddings. In fact, almost everything centers around the food. And when the wedding is a South Indian ceremony, food takes on ultra importance. There are specific items served during each of the meals. We picked Godavari after tasting their food at another wedding. With specifics as non inclusion of garlic, a light hand with the oil and an extra easy hand with the spices, Godavari made this event super special and made sure their name becomes a household reminder. We were quite satisfied with the taste test and made very little tweaks such as toning down the spice in their potato roast. Their Mango kesari and melt in your mouth vadais were a tremendous hit at breakfast and set the stage for excited anticipation from us. During lunch, Godavari’s famous Malabar aviyal, pal payasam, beans curry, potato roast curry, Sambhar, rasam, tamarind rice, paruppu vadais and condiments were wolfed down along with the utterly delicious mango ice cream. Along with traditional South Indian dishes, we had ordered a daal, paneer sabzi and naan. These were a hit too. This restaurant has raised the bar on catering for weddings. Varun, the manager was extremely helpful in coordinating the whole thing. Kudos to this restaurant for handling such a memorable event.