Best Instant Payday Loans Online Guaranteed Approval 2022

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Maybe you’re low on money or just have a last-minute expense before the next paycheck… And all you need is an instant payday loan with guaranteed approval.

The thing is, there are many shady deals out there, so you must be careful. On the vast world wide web, fraud and scams are often mistaken for reputable direct lenders.

Why Trust Us

Our experts have done the hard work for you and gathered a list of the best instant payday loans like MoneyMutual – with guaranteed approval, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

But before diving deep into the list, you should first reckon if a payday loan is something that will solve your problem. Payday loans are your go-to option if you only need a few hundred bucks — like $300 — to cover an emergency in your budget. If you need higher amounts, you should look for a personal loan.

Without further ado, we’ve wrapped up the best payday loans available for both good and bad credit, including pros and cons and what’s the best fit for what you’re looking for.

Best Instant Loans Online Guaranteed Approval:

  • MoneyMutual: Best instant payday loan overall
  • CashUSA: Excellent same day loan for high loan amounts
  • BadCreditLoans: Best payday bad credit loans
  • PersonalLoans: Best for fast personal loans
  • Funds Joy: Best for quick payday loans
  • Fastest approval payday loans
  • Zippy Loans: Great for all types of credit score
  • 24/7DollarLoan: Top quick loans for mortgage payments
  • LendingTree: Designed for different loan purposes

1. MoneyMutual – Best Instant Payday Loan Guaranteed Approval

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MoneyMutual Pros

  • Trusted by over 2,000,000 customers
  • User-friendly platform
  • Loans are available in as little as 24 hours
  • Variety of loan amounts to choose from

MoneyMutual Cons

  • Interest rates are not disclosed upfront
  • Not available in all US states

MoneyMutual Overview

Founded in 2010, MoneyMutual identified the need for personal and fast payday loans since around 40% of Americans cannot come up with $400 in case of emergency.

Money Mutual is an excellent platform to borrow money, as it easily connects borrowers looking for short-term loans with over 60 lenders across the country.

To this date, the company has been trusted by two million Americans and is proud to be a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) and CFEF (Community Financial Education Foundation).

  • APR: Varies
  • Loan terms: Varies
  • Loan amount: Up to $5,000

Why MoneyMutual Stands Out

MoneyMutual stands out for many reasons — not only because it’s a great option as an instant payday loan (even for poor credit score holders) — but also…

User-friendly platform

Don’t underestimate the power of a quality UX and UI. MoneyMutual wants to reduce the pain when you’re on the run and looking for quick access to credit — its interface is easy to use and pretty intuitive. A loan application is straightforward and can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

Information easily available

The company displays a dedicated page explaining everything you need to know about payday loans, such as types of loans, how it works, how to qualify, and so on.

A good option for bad credit loans

Do you have a bad credit score? Don’t worry about that, MoneyMutual is the right place to apply for a loan request, and it will match you up with an offer within minutes, even if you have bad credit. To top it off, borrowers can have up to $ 5,000 in their account within 24 hours if approved.

MoneyMutual Eligibility

MoneyMutual doesn’t have specific requirements for each lender. However, some lenders specify conditions that are unique to their business, so in general, borrowers must have the following:

  • Proof of regular income
  • Make at least $800 in monthly income
  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid checking bank account

For Instant Loans Try MoneyMutual

2. CashUSA – Quick Same Day Loans Guaranteed Approval

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CashUSA Pros

  • Quick and easy application
  • Small amounts available
  • Educational resources

CashUSA Cons

  • High-interest rates
  • Borrowers can’t choose the types of emergency loans

CashUSA Overview

At first, CashUSA’s website might make you question whether it’s legit or not. But you won’t need to worry, because if a company is listed here, we guarantee you it is. So, yes, CashUSA is legit and uses industry-standard encryption to protect users’ data.

If you need a cash advance loan and a small amount such as $500, you can easily find online payday lenders within the CashUSA 50+ network of lenders. Potential borrowers can’t, however, choose the type of loans they wish to apply for as it depends on CashUSA’s analysis and approval.

  • APR: 5.99% – 35.99%
  • Loan terms: 3 months to 72 months
  • Loan amount:  $500 – $10,000

Why CashUSA Stands Out

CahsUSA allows potential borrowers to take out same day loans starting at $500 and up to $10,000. Within this range, the amount can be made available in the borrower’s bank checking account within as little as 24 hours

Because of the company’s quick loan approval process, CashUSA makes up for the best same day payday loan on the list.

Fast approval

As already mentioned, for those needing a quick cash advance to cover an unexpected expense, CashUSA works as a great resource as funds can be made available within 24 hours in most cases.

Easy to apply

Candidate borrowers can easily apply by first saying how much they’d like to borrow. The next steps include displaying personal and employment information, contact information, and why they need the money.

Useful educational resources

Maybe this is your first time applying for a payday loan. The thing is, taking a loan is simple but there are some caveats to it — CashUSA wants to help people who need to make an informed decision about payday loans.

The company offers a dedicated educational center with several pages of informative articles that range in a variety of topics, such as how to calculate your debt and how to make a plan to pay off a student loan.

The loan application form can be completed within just a few minutes, but applicants must comply with the following:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Earn at least $1,000/mo. after taxes
  • Have a checking account in your name
  • Have a valid email address and valid phone number(s)

Quick Same Day Loans With CashUSA

3. BadCreditLoans – Easy Approval Payday Loans for Bad Credit Score

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BadCreditLoans Pros

  • Transparency
  • Applicants are allowed to choose the type of loan they want to apply for
  • Educational content available for platform users

BadCreditLoans Cons

  • Borrowers with credit score equal to or lower than 500 can’t borrow more than $1,000

BadCreditLoans Overview

If you’re looking for an online payday loan but have poor credit scores, BadCreditLoans, as the name suggests, is one of the best payday loan companies out there.

The website’s content is straightforward, and it’s easy to grasp immediately what the lender marketplace can do for you. Also, one of its goals is to make you feel safe for instant loans within its platform. It provides a dedicated page to alert possible borrowers about scams.

On top of that, the company clarifies the pros and cons of taking emergency cash with tribal loans (which most payday loans platforms don’t do), and that applicants have no obligations to accept any lender offer, and low credit scores may impact whether a lender offers them a loan and the terms of the loan.

  • APR: 5.99% – 35.99%
  • Loan terms: 3 months to 72 months
  • Loan amount:  $500 – $10,000

Why Stands Out

There’s no sugarcoating with BadCreditLoans, which makes the company one of the most reliable payday loan providers on the market as it works with advanced encryption technology.

In this case, borrowers can rest assured knowing that their data is safe — the platform promises to share borrowers’ data unless they agree with it.

In addition, as opposed to most payday lenders platforms, the company lets applicants choose the type of loan they want to apply for instead of only allowing them to choose the loan amount.

Educational content

As we mentioned, what makes BadCreditLoans so good is its educational page to alert possible borrowers about scams such as debt collecting scams, BBB email imposters, wire transfer scams, and phishing.

Users can choose the loan type

BadCreditLoans also stand out for letting applicants choose the type of loan they wish to apply for, which means they can pick whether a personal loan, a student, a business, a home, or even an auto loan.


Some online loans aren’t upfront about the terms and conditions of a loan agreement, for instance. But that doesn’t happen with BadCreditLoans. The company displays most of its and lenders’ conditions on the landing page.

Another thing is that the company also provides information about what lenders will give possible borrowers and advises them to read the loan agreement carefully.

BadCreditLoans Eligibility

Eligibility will vary by lender and state, but to be eligible to apply with BadCreditLoans are:

  • Be legal residents of the US
  • Be 18 years old or more
  • Have a regular source of income
  • Have a checking account
  • Have a valid email address and phone number

Easy Approval Process With BadCreditLoans

4. PersonalLoans – Quick Instant Payday Loan Approval

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PersonalLoans Pros

  • Transparency for users
  • Borrowers can choose the loan type of their choice
  • Best option for higher loan amounts

PersonalLoans Cons

  • Not applicable for unemployed people
  • Some personal loan eligibility requirements

PersonalLoans Overview

Perhaps you need a higher amount than a regular payday loan might offer you. What will solve is something around five digits — if this is your case, then PersonalLoans is your go-to option.

However, similar to BadCreditLoans, PersonalLoans lets you choose the loan amount and the type of loan you wish to apply for.

And, if you decide to apply for a payday loan with PersonalLoans, all the information you might need is displayed on their home page, from APR rates and simulations (it has a table with an example of a personal loan and APR range) to features and types of emergency loans.

  • APR: 5.99% – 35.99%
  • Loan terms: 3 months to 72 months
  • Loan amount:  $1,000 – $35,000

Why PersonalLoans Stands Out

Like some other lenders marketplaces mentioned in this guide, PersonalLoans works hard to protect consumers from fraud. This is especially important for large payday loans, making the company the best instant payday online for higher amounts.


Security is one of the PersonalLoans strengths — the company is a member of the Online Lenders Association (OLA), and it focuses on protecting users’ information with advanced data encryption technology.

It offers higher loan amounts

Sometimes, an unexpected expense might cost more than we wish, so PersonalLoans may cover the amount you need and offers possible borrowers higher loan amounts than most competitors ranging from $1,000 up to $35,000. However, candidates must prove a minimum income of at least $2,000 per month.

Straight to the point

When borrowing money — whether with a good credit score or not — having all information displayed upfront is very useful, as it avoids the pain of finding out hidden fees when it’s time to pay off your loan.

PersonalLoans is transparent and has a website offering helpful information for candidate borrowers and commonly asked questions such as “who will see my information” or “what if I’m late with payments”?

PersonalLoans Eligibility

Do you want to know if you are eligible to get an emergency loan with PersonalLoans? Check if you follow the requirements below:

  • You must be 18 or older
  • Proof of $2,000/month, at least
  • A valid checking account
  • Be a legal U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Get a Loan Today With PersonalLoans

5. Funds Joy – Quick Application Instant Payday Loans Online

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FundsJoy Pros

  • Quick online application
  • Smaller payday loans available
  • Lower APR if compared to most competitors

FundsJoy Cons

  • Unemployed people are likely to be rejected
  • Most terms and conditions aren’t displayed on the company’s website

FundsJoy Overview

How could you make something tiring and — sometimes — inconvenient such as borrowing money into something more, let’s say, joyfully? Well, the loan application process, at least, can be an easy and quick experience for applicants.

FundJoy’s motto is “fast, reliable and transparent,” and it offers free and straightforward services without any hidden fees or charges. If you require a 200 bucks payday loan to cover a gap in your income, FundsJoy will quickly hook you up with its network of online lenders.

  • APR: 4.99% – 450%
  • Loan terms: N/A
  • Loan amount:  $200 – $5,000

Why FundsJoy Stands Out

As mentioned above, FundsJoy is an excellent option for borrowers with bad credit history who need small, quick payday loans. The loan amounts range from $200 to $5,000 and the loan application can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

While most competitors work with higher annual percentage rates (generally starting at 5.99%), FundsJoy offers one of the lowest on the online lending market: 4.99% APR.

Fast loan application

Within just a few steps, applicants can finish and click “send application” to FundsJoy’s lenders’ network — it takes just a few minutes to complete. The cool thing is that there’s even a percentage calculator at the top of each page to let you know where you are in the application process (I said it’s supposed to be fun, right?).

Applicants are able to choose from the following range amounts: $200-$500, $500-$1,000, $1,000-$2,500 and $2,500 to $5,000.

Best for small payday loans

If all you need is just a few hundred dollars to fill an income gap before your next paycheck comes, then you should consider FundsJoy. Payday loans start at $200.

Lower APR if compared to most competitors

Another benefit of FundsJoy is that the company offers one of the lowest annual percentage rates (APR) compared with most competitors — an average of 4.99% to 450% for personal loans.

Funds Joy Eligibility

In order to get the application approval, candidates must follow a few requirements. Check if you follow them:

  • Legally reside in the United States
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have a stable source of income

Get a Loan Fast With Funds Joy

6. – Quick Approval Online Payday Loans

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24/ Pros

  • Fast payday loan approval
  • Security
  • Higher loan amounts available

24/ Cons

  • Information isn’t really clear
  • APR rates aren’t available

24/ Overview

According to 24/ — and our analysis – the lender marketplace offers its competitors the quickest emergency loan approval rate. The company claims that applications can be submitted, and candidates will get an answer in as little as 90 seconds! That’s fast!

But you don’t need to worry about safety — even if its website looks suspicious. 24/ is an Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) and wants to ensure its users feel safe when they apply for loan proceeds. The downside is that the company isn’t clear about its APR range rates, the usual minimum credit score requirement, or the loan amount available for applicants.

  • APR: N/A
  • Loan terms: It may vary
  • Loan amount:  $100 to $35,000

Fastest loan approval

24/ lives up to its name, offering the quickest approval within this guide. The application takes 2 to 3 minutes to be finished, and applicants will get a response in 90 seconds or less. Then, if the applicants are approved, they’ll be connected to a range of possible online lenders.

Safe and secure

The company is a proud member of OLA and displays a GoDaddy Verified and Secured badge so borrowers can feel safe. In addition, for residents in California, the California Consumer Private Act (CCPA) grants residents the right to stop the sale of their personal information.

24/ Eligibility

If you think that 24/ is the right choice for you, you must follow the requirements below to get approved:

  • Legally reside in the United States or be a U.S. citizen
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Minimum regular income of $800 monthly

Secure Loans With

7. ZippyLoan – Easy Approval Loans for All Types of Credit

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ZippyLoan Pros

  • All credit types accepted
  • Build borrowers’ credit
  • Flexible repayment

ZippyLoans Cons

  • APR rates aren’t displayed upfront

ZippyLoan Overview

If you need a payday loan as soon as tomorrow but have a poor credit score, then you should consider Zippy Loan. Unlike most lenders’ marketplace, in which candidates aren’t sure if low credit score holders are accepted, ZippyLoan is upfront about this condition: all credit types are accepted.

To request a payday loan, applicants must fill in an online form that takes only 5 minutes to complete. Once connected with a lender, review and e-sign the loan agreement on the spot, money is usually deposited into the user’s bank account as soon as the next business day.

  • APR: It may vary
  • Loan terms: 6 – 72 months
  • Loan amount: $100 – $15,000

Why ZippyLoan Stands Out

ZippyLoan’s website is straightforward to navigate. All information needed is readily available on its landing page, so users don’t need to browse around to find what they want.

Moreover, the company claims to work with a network of lenders that offers a full range of loans for people with excellent and bad credit.

Regarding repayments, ZippyLoan scores an extra point — many of ZippyLoan’s lenders offer the flexibility to repay with multiple installments, sometimes up to 60 months.

Flexibility to repay

The company works with flexible lenders if borrowers can’t afford to pay back their loans at once. Also, if you need a smaller payday loan amount, short-term lenders provide the option to repay as soon as borrowers’ next payday.

It works for all types of credit score

Whether your credit score is high or low, you won’t need to worry about having an application rejected. ZippyLoans only requires applicants to prove their identity and a regular source of income.

It helps to build credit

Several of the lenders in ZippyLoan’s network report on-time payments to credit agencies, which can ultimately improve borrowers’ credit scores.

Flexible Loans With ZippyLoan

8. 24/7DollarLoan – Online Loans Guaranteed Approval for Mortgage Payments

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24/7DollarLoan Pros

  • Best option for paying mortgage
  • Easy to use
  • Fast response

24/7DollarLoan Cons

  • Basic website
  • APR rates are higher than most competitors

24/7DollarLoan Overview

Like 24/ — even though the website has similarities, with sort of a suspicious look — 24/7 Dollar Loan is legit. It also offers a loan amount range, starting from $100 up to $1,000. On top of that, the company promises quick feedback for its applicants. The loan application takes only 2 to 3 minutes to be completed.

Despite being a good option for payday loans, the company is mainly known for its mortgage loans. However, in case you need to apply for a payday loan for any other reason, you should also try.

Applicants should be aware of the extremely high APR rates, which range from 235% to up to 1304%! If you can’t afford such a high APR rate, we recommend looking for more affordable rates within this guide.

  • APR: 235% – 1304%
  • Loan terms: It may vary
  • Loan amount:  $100 to $1,000

Quick feedback

The website could be an appropriate option if you don’t mind higher APR rates but need quick feedback. 24/7 Credit Now works with fewer lenders, so potential borrowers will still get a response faster than larger network services.


Don’t let the basic website look prevent you from applying for a payday loan with 24/7 Credit Now. An OLA badge secures the website, the loan application takes just a few minutes to fill in, and signing up is equally easy.

24/7DollarLoan Eligibility

To get your payday loan application approved, you must follow a few requirements:

  • Legally reside in the United States or be a U.S. citizen
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Minimum regular income of $800 monthly

Get a Mortgage Loan With 24/7DollarLoan

9. LendingTree – Instant Guaranteed Approval Loans for Different Purposes

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LendingTree Pros

  • Handy website and app
  • Useful educational tools
  • Largest set of loan purposes

LendingTree Cons

  • Not good option for small loan amounts
  • Charges prepayment fees and late fee

On the market since 1998, LendingTree is a well-known lender marketplace. The company has been featured in established publications such as The New York Times, CNN, and USA Today.

The nicest thing about its website is that applicants won’t get lost in translation and will be able to find all the information needed right on the landing page — from daily national rates to each type of loan to in-depth educational content.

LendingTree even provides an app so users can access their credit scores and learn ways to improve and save recommendations.

In addition, right at the top of its website, users can quickly check what types of loans the company offers, and the list is comprehensive: from credit card debts to business loans.

  • APR: 3.49% – 35%
  • Loan terms: 12 – 60 months
  • Loan amount:  $1,000 to $50,000

Why LendingTree Stands Out

Both website and app are very straightforward and helpful to users. If you aren’t sure how much money you might need to consolidate a specific debt, LendingTree’s calculator will help you to find the right amount.

On top of that, the company wants to help borrowers make better-informed choices regarding their personal finance. Hence, it offers a substantial educational tool with useful articles. The coolest thing about LendingTree is that applicants can download the app and apply from their mobile.

In-depth educational tools

From a user-friendly app toa personal loan calculator to valuable articles — LendingTree wants to ensure applicants know what they’re setting their foot into. Also, the LendingTree’s My Credit Score won’t negatively impact your credit score.

Broadest set of loan options

Whether you need to consolidate debt or make a large purchase, LendingTree offers candidate borrowers a variety of loan purposes. Regardless of your option, the company is upfront about its rates, so no surprise when paying back your loan.

Great option for a larger loan

Since loans can go up to $50,000, LendingTree can be your go-to option if you need financial help with things like a major purchase, a medical expense, or home improvement. However, be prepared to provide some information such as proof of income and other financial info.

LendingTree Eligibility

In order to qualify, applicants must follow the requirement:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Proof of citizenship or residence permit in the US
  • Proof of income

Wide Variety of Loans With LendingTree

How We Picked the Top Guaranteed Instant Payday Loans

To decide which ones would be the best instant payday loan companies we checked if every one of them followed five essential criteria:

  • Credibility: The internet is a wild west, especially when it comes to making money easily. Many scams and phishing frauds are rolling, so we want our readers to ensure that the lender marketplace they’re applying to is safe, legit, and trustworthy. We’ve looked at safety badges, certifications, and advanced encryption technology that protects user data.
  • Ease of use: Those who need money ASAP don’t have the time nor the space of mind to apply for complicated forms and browse for hours to find useful information. We’ve added companies that streamline the tiring process of requesting a loan as much as possible.

For Instant Loans Try MoneyMutual

  • Applicable for bad creditors: Is there something more annoying than applying for a loan, getting a hard inquiry, and still being denied? Most of the lenders’ marketplace listed here cover bad credit scores.
  • Loan amount: Payday loans refer to small dollar loans such as a few hundred dollars, but often, borrowers will need more than that, so we’ve looked for a larger range of loan amounts.
  • Reviews: The people are always right — so we’ve done our homework to go through online reviews and check what people are saying about these companies.

Guaranteed Online Loans: FAQs

How can I instantly get a payday loan?

You can choose a lender (you can pick one of the lenders marketplaces we’ve listed here), fill out the application form, submit it, wait for feedback, pick the most appropriate lender and wait for the funds.

Pro tip: Always make sure to read all terms and conditions carefully and see if the payday lenders fit you.

What is the easiest loan to get approved for?

All types of short term and small dollar loans are easier to get approved. The easiest ones are payday loans, personal loans, bad credit loans, car title loans, and short term loans. Bear in mind that most of these loans have high interest rates, and some might require collateral and a hard check inquiry.

What apps let you borrow money immediately?

Some cash advance apps such as LendingTree, Payday Say, Earnin and Money Lion provide payday loans with instant approval with a painless lending process. Most of them lend money instantly until the next payday.

For Instant Loans Try MoneyMutual

Can you get an online loan instantly?

The short answer is yes. Even for bad credit or no credit score and, at times, unemployed people. However, everything depends on the type of lender and loan, so each case is different.

Are online payday loans safe?

It is safe if borrowers limit their search to credible and reputable lenders.

Will an emergency loan impact my credit score?

A loan application could result in a hard inquiry, which might negatively impact your credit scores and stay on your credit report for up to two years. In addition, the amount and age of a loan can also affect your credit scores. However, if you can manage to pay your loan on time, it will help your credit score positively.

Best Guaranteed Approval Instant Loans – Conclusion

Looking for cash in advance to cover an unexpected gap in your income? Whether it’s just a few hundred dollars or a couple of thousands, these top instant payday loans are here to help. We’ve wrapped up the most convenient, and trustworthy, with quick approval and instant funding lender marketplaces.

For Instant Loans Try MoneyMutual

Just a heads up — all websites listed here work as a middle man, connecting possible borrowers with online lenders, so things like interest rates, terms, and conditions, eligibility and whatnots will vary.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure to use these services responsibly to avoid attracting heavy debt. Opinions expressed within the content are solely the authors. Does not constitute advice.