Best Italian Restaurant in The Venetian | Mercato Della Pescheria

If you love Italian food, you’ll go crazy for the dishes we offer at Mercato Della Pescheria. We are located inside the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and you’ll find no finer Italian restaurant in this area!

Everything you could dream of in an Italian restaurant is right here at Mercato Della Pescheria — from pizza and pasta to antipasti and the best cured meats and Italian cheeses.

Italy is known for its delicious food, and some of the most delectable and popular dishes from around the world come from Italy’s rich culinary history (pasta, pizza, the Caprese salad, and lasagna, to name just a few).

At Mercato Della Pescheria, we’ve taken the best of Italian cuisine and put it into one place. Please join us for an Italian meal you’ll never forget!

Best Italian Fare in The Venetian

What type of Italian food are you in the mood for? No matter what it is, chances are, we’ve got it.

Our restaurant is unique in that it’s laid out like an Italian deli and seafood market — complete with stations for seafood, meats, cheeses, pasta, and more. It’s just like one you’d find on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. At the same time, you’ll be served at your table by our wonderful staff; there’s no need to walk up to the counter deli- or market-style. We take care of you!

Take a look at our menu and you’ll see that we offer a wide range of dinner choices to delight your palate. Our seafood dishes are some of our best-selling options. We have halibut, tuna, salmon, Mediterranean Sea bass, grilled jumbo prawns, Dover sole, and of course, a fresh fish of the day based on our chef’s recommendations.

If you’re more interested in meat, try your favorite meats done on our coal-fired Josper oven and grill. Many of our guests love the chicken Parmigiana, traditional to central Italy. We also have a New York steak, a filet mignon, a bone-in ribeye, veal osso bucco, and a roasted half chicken on the menu.

Or, for lighter fare, try our seared tuna salad, coal smoked chicken, or tomato and mozzarella salad. We have mushroom and Italian sausage, an array of vegetables, and several options on our Raw Bar / Crudo menu as well.

The Tuscany Board is recommended if you’re just having drinks and you want a little something to nibble on with your guests or as an appetizer before a bigger meal. It includes three cured meats and three Italian cheeses of your choice.

Ready for the best Italian meal you can find in Las Vegas? Join us at our location in the Venetian Hotel!