Best New York Real Estate Schools

It’s not easy to become a real estate agent in New York state. To even qualify for the test, you need to complete a 75 hour salesperson course and be sponsored by a NY real estate broker. Once you’ve done all that, you still need to pass a difficult state licensing exam. 

Are you worried? You don’t have to be— there are lots of great online resources that can provide the help you need to pass your exams.

A good online real estate school will prepare you for both the state exam and the work you’ll be doing afterward. I’ve looked at the most popular online real estate courses in New York and picked out the best ones currently available to you.

Check out this comparison chart and keep reading for more info on the best ways to prepare for your New York real estate salesperson course!

The Best Online Real Estate Schools in New York

1. Real Estate Express Review

Real Estate Express Course ReviewReal Estate Express Course Review

Real Estate Express combines user controlled pacing with a range of well designed study materials. Each course meets the 75 hour pre-license requirement— but that doesn’t mean you’re forced to work at an uncomfortably fast pace. You can take your time and prepare for the exam without having a negative impact on your work and home schedule.

Completing these classes will give you an in-depth understanding of what you’ll be expected to know on the state exam and in your real estate career. You’ll use textbooks, quizzes, and video explanations to learn all the relevant info. You can even take notes on the course dashboard at any point; they’ll be automatically saved and added to your course hub for easy access later. Additionally, you can speak with teachers or students in the Real Estate Express private forum if you need extra help preparing for your real estate license exam.

How to Get a New York Real Estate License

How to Get a New York Real Estate License
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There are 4 options to choose from. The basic option, which costs $289, only gives you the basic New York online real estate courses and a few ebooks. Alternatively, you can choose the $349 Exam Prep option which gives you access to practice tests and test taking tips. Next, Real Estate Academy offers an Exam Preparation Plus course which includes everything from the previous tiers with additional instructor led assistance. Finally, you can choose the Ultimate Learning tier which comes with an additional year of PDUs.

Real Estate Express Pros & Cons

  • Exam Crammer Videos: Most students do some form of final review before they take the exam. Typically this involves figuring out which materials are most important and re-examining them. Luckily, Real Estate Express simplifies this process; they provide a last minute review video series in the last few weeks of your course. This way, everything you need to know is fresh in your mind.
  • PDU Membership Bundle: Real Estate Express will let you get a jump start on your professional development as soon as you pass the real estate exam. Their course comes with a 1 year professional development membership that you can use to maintain your credential. It consists of video lectures, self study courses, job aids, and more.
  • Limited Live Material: Unfortunately, this course only has one live learning component. The rest of it consists solely of self study lessons, books, and practice exams. Studying with these is effective, but it can be disappointing to only be able to work with one format.

Bottom Line:

I would recommend giving the Exam Prep Plus course a shot. That offers the most effective set of study materials for a very fair price.