Best Online Interior Design Services of 2022

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Need help with a remodeling project? An interior design service may be the solution. The structure and scope of these companies vary, but the best online interior design services connect you to a designer or decorator who will assess your space and style preferences, be mindful of your budget, and develop a realistic action plan. Based on factors like price, deliverables (samples, renderings, etc.), and access to skilled professionals, here are the best online interior design services to use.

This online interior design service also stands out from the competition through its integration with Pinterest, giving you the option to share your inspiration boards with your designer.

Each package comes with two initial concepts, one final design (including a floor plan) and installation instructions as well as online shopping lists and a liaison to assist with the ordering process. Where the plans differ is in the seniority and popularity of the designers, who Decorist users can directly choose from the website or be matched with through the style quiz. The Classic plan, in particular, allows you to collaborate with up-and-comers in the industry.

Decorist is unique in that it offers a free service as well as two paid packages. In the ” Design Bar ,” you can ask a professional questions about accessories, paint colors, room dimensions, and more at no cost. If you need help with a complete room overhaul, Decorist offers the Classic plan ($299 per room) and the Elite plan ($599 per room).

There are plenty of rising stars in the interior design field, and you can employ their services for a bargain through Decorist. The paid packages allow you to choose a vetted design pro to work with or you can let the site’s style quiz play matchmaker.

A full room design with a scaled floor plan, samples, and furnishings costs $1,500, while an accessories-only package costs $750. You can also set up a virtual consultation with a roomLift designer for $100. Unlike other services on this list, the product purchasing stage is entirely in the hands of the customer since none of the items can be bought directly from the website. However, roomLift does provide its clients with a list of where to buy every item in the design as well as exclusive retailer discounts.

With roomLift, you’ll get a curated box of recommendations based on the style questionnaire you complete and any visual assets you share with the company’s design team. You’ll be asked to describe how the room is being used, if pets and/or children live in the home, whether you plan to keep any existing furniture, what budget you’d like to stick to, and more.

Rather than relying on digital renderings, roomLift sends you an actual box of design assets (including fabric swatches, paint samples, etc.) tailored to the room you’re remodeling. This gives customers the tools to visualize their new space and make informed buying decisions.

Includes textile samples you can feel and paint colors that can be pinned up on your wall

The Expert differs from other companies on this list in that it’s advice-based rather than deliverables-based, meaning you won’t receive room renderings or fabric swatches. Instead, the concept caters to amateur designers who could use a second opinion from a trusted professional. Typical consultations last 55 minutes, though some designers offer 25-minute chats at discounted prices. Still, these conversations aren’t cheap: Prices start at $250, but a phone call with someone like Bobby Berk will set you back $1,500.

This is a great option for homeowners who already have a room plan or design in mind, but need a little help getting it over the finish line. While more expensive than other design services due to the level of designers you can book, it’s a worthy splurge if you’d like some expert input without having to pay a sky-high retainer fee or sign a costly contract.

Do you love the work of famous designers like Jenna Lyons, Leanne Ford, and “Queer Eye” star Bobby Berk, but know you could never afford them for your own project? Thanks to The Expert , you can book a one-on-one video consultation with some of the biggest names in the industry for a fraction of what their services normally cost.

Both plans allow users to choose their own Havenly interior designer, who’s available by phone, text, and online messaging. You’ll also receive the first three design ideas in just two days, making Havenly the quickest design service on this list. Along with multiple revisions, the Mini and Full packages provide users with a detailed list of products from the final design and offer assistance in purchasing those items.

Havenly sets itself apart with a personalized service that’s hyperconscious of your budget. Customers looking to spice up a room or swap out a few major pieces should opt for the Havenly Mini plan (around $79), which offers product recommendations like furniture and rugs. Those seeking a thorough revamp of their space should check out the Havenly Full package: It includes a custom layout, 3D images of your newly styled space, and a personal shopping list for about $129. Now that’s a steal.

Depending on the scale of your redesign, Havenly can offer you a custom floor plan with 3D renderings or a product-only room refresh. Both packages allow you to pick the interior designer you want to work with and include multiple revisions if the initial design doesn’t hit the mark.

You may experience delays when ordering furniture and other products from the site or app

There are three different plans to choose from, the least expensive of which is the Premium package ($179 a room). For bigger projects that involve wall color, floor, or countertop changes, consider upgrading to the Luxe package ($499 a room), which includes unlimited video calls with your designer. You can also opt for the multi-room plan if you’re remodeling more than one space.

Most, if not all, of the products included in your design are shoppable within the Modsy app and on the brand’s website, but the service allows for unlimited revisions, meaning you can switch out any furniture and decor you don’t like.

You can then take those renderings in the design direction of your choosing—just swap out selections and make layout changes using the tools provided. Once you’ve settled on a look you adore, you’re able to shop the exact pieces featured from brands like West Elm and Anthropologie.

To start, Modsy requests photos of the room you’re redesigning—no matter its current state—along with a few measurements. In order to better understand your aesthetic, you’ll be asked to take the brand’s style quiz . Based on the information you provide, a member of the Modsy team will reimagine your space and create a 3D rendering that can be viewed at any angle. It typically takes between two and three weeks to get the initial design.

Final Verdict

Online interior design services vary widely in their offerings and no two companies are exactly the same. Some services, like Havenly and roomLift, have a mix of accessory-only and full-service design packages, while others, including Decorist and The Expert, connect you with talented designers who can help bring your project over the finish line. But the best online interior design service is Modsy.

Modsy delivers realistic 3D renderings of your space and gives you unlimited revisions to make it perfect. Whether you want to be hands-on with your design project or let the designer do all the work for you, Modsy gives you the tools necessary to complete the job. Product picks are from accessible retailers, like CB2, Anthropologie, and West Elm, and you can wrap up your virtual shopping trip with one-step checkout.

What to Look for in an Online Interior Design Service

Every remodel or room refresh is different, so an online interior design service that your best friend used may not work for your own project. Before investing in a design package, consider the following factors.


Some services provide deliverables in the way of floor plans or 3D renderings that give you a vision for your space. Others will send you physical samples and materials that you can use to make buying designs. In some cases, the only thing you’re paying for is advice. That can be valuable if you know the right questions to ask, but it won’t give you a step-by-step plan or a visual idea of what your room will look like.

Access to Designers

Consider the caliber of designers and the opportunity for interaction the service provides. It’s common to have the option to contact your designer by phone, text, or email, but the frequency of contact can vary based on the company and the package tier you choose. Some online interior design services automatically match you to a designer while others, like Havenly, give you the option to pick from a roster of professionals.

Product Recommendations

Outfitting your newly designed room in real life is the best part of using an online interior design service. If you’re eager to receive specific product recommendations, pick a company with partnerships at retailers that fit your style and budget. Modsy, for example, makes it easy to shop a network of popular home retailers and complete your purchase in a single step.


  • What Are the Best Interior Design Apps?

    The best interior design apps allow you to create floor plans and visualize products within your space without the help of a professional. Apps like HomeByMe, Homestyler, and Home Design 3D let you build rooms from scratch, while Houzz and Morpholio Board are great for gathering inspiration.

  • How Do Online Interior Design Services Work?

    Most projects done virtually begin with the client providing photos and measurements of the space they’re redesigning. Some services ask customers to fill out a quiz or questionnaire to get a feel for their style and how they want the room to function. Based on the information you give, traditional services deliver a custom design that includes suggestions for furniture, rugs, and other decor. In many cases, you can collaborate with the designer by phone, text, or email on revisions.

  • How Much Do Online Interior Design Services Cost?

    The cost of online interior design services varies based on the deliverables included, the experience level of the designer you’re working with, and the number of rooms being remodeled. Prices range from around $80 for accessory-only packages to $1,500 for a single room redesign, complete with samples and a floor plan. A video consultation with a well-known interior designer can also set you back $1,000 to $1,500.

  • Are Online Interior Design Services Worth It?

    Online interior design services offer up custom designs for less than what you’d pay a traditional interior designer. For many homeowners, the money you’ll save makes it incredibly worthwhile. But a lot of these companies don’t offer the same personalization and customer service you’d get working with a designer one on one. They’re best suited for clients who may need some design guidance but can execute certain stages of the process on their own.


To determine the best online interior design services, we evaluated elements such as designer experience and access, plan pricing, deliverables, and the ease of purchasing recommended products. For each online interior design service, we researched all plans available, comparing the cost and benefits provided. We took note of whether the plan includes revisions, and if so, how many.

A key part of the design process is the designer, so we also considered whether users can choose their designer and what the frequency and mode of communication looks like. Finally, we checked out how and when the user can buy decor and furnishings to make the design plan a reality.