Best public golf courses and golf resorts in Maryland

Best Public Golf Courses in Maryland

Maryland’s complex personality is defined by its giant barbell shape reflecting two distinctly unique geographies and people. Eastern Maryland is dominated by its waterways and coastlines of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean effectively leading to Baltimore’s historic harbor. Just as unique and eminently different is the rural, western Maryland which consists of the Appalachian Mountains Region bordered by West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The best public golf courses in Maryland in this guide reflect the level topography on the Eastern Shore and around Baltimore to the rolling hills and mountains of Appalachia. Bulle Rock on the Chesapeake’s northwestern shore and River Marsh near Cambridge typify the best public golf courses along the Bay, The Links at Lighthouse Sound and Rum Pointe lead the Eastern Shore near Ocean City while Whiskey Creek and Lake Presidential are among the top public golf courses in the Baltimore area. In Appalachia, Lodestone and Rocky Gap are the top golf courses in Western Maryland.